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Important info from Mrs O'Neill & Mrs Barrett
School Matters: Posted 14-12-17 Deadline - No Deadline
An email will go out to all Year 12 2017 from Mrs O'Neill this afternoon. It will be full of advice and information so please look out for it. It will also let you know of a time that students and/or parents can meet with Mrs O'Neill and Mrs Barrett to discuss options and choices after HSC results and ATARs are released.

HSC Economics and Business Studies workshop
School Matters: Posted 7-6-17 Deadline - No Deadline
22 July. 9.00am to 1.00pm UTS Business School City - Haymarket. CB08 Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, Building 8, Level 2 Auditorium
UTS Business School is hosting a workshop for all students doing Economics and or Business Studies in their HSC. Developed in consultation with leading HSC economics and business teachers from across NSW, the workshop will feature three lectures from our leading academics, providing you with in depth knowledge as you head into the trial HSC and beyond. $20.

For more information, visit www.uts.edu.au/about/uts-business-school/what-we-do/upcoming-events-and-info-sessions/undergr

Tom Brennan and Away needed $$$$$$$
School Matters: Posted 13-12-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The first five people who bring copies of these to Mrs Gulliford will have some spending money for Christmas!

Year 12 post ATAR Breakfast BBQ cancelled.
School Matters: Posted 12-12-16 Deadline - No Deadline
This had been planned for Friday 16th as we have done the last two years with HSC results on Wed, ATARs on Thursday and the BBQ on the Friday. However this year the HSC results are out on Thursday and ATARs are released on Friday at 9am! So we will not be holding a Breakfast BBQ because you will be focussed on receiving your ATARs at 9am.

******HSC class of 2015 ******
School Matters: Posted 22-4-16 Deadline - No Deadline
If you finished Year 12 last year, please complete the Destination Survey for Year 12 Class of 2015 which is needed for Mr McManus so he can include the statistics in the 2015 MCC Annual Report. If you have not yet done this, can you please click on the link and it will only take a few minutes. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JT3TG6X

For more information, visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JT3TG6X

Grad message from Mrs Burt - tickets and seats
School Matters: Posted 26-10-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Please can you finalise payment for the grad this week and also bring in your seating preference sheet. These are also needed this week. Thank you for your cooperation.

Grow Careers
School Matters: Posted 2-8-15 Deadline - No Deadline
This website provides career information and useful links for students, including information about uni, TAFE, getting a job, and advice on how to make career decisions.

For more information, visit www.growcareers.com.au

School magazine for HSC class of 2014 ready now
School Matters: Posted 23-3-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Any student who does not have brothers or sisters at school this year is asked to collect a copy of the 2014 school magazine from the Front Office. There is one magazine for each family. Please spread the word to your fellow classmates.

Year meeting before the University Roadshow
School Matters: Posted 17-2-15 Deadline - No Deadline
All Year 12 are to go straight to the hall at 8.40 to have rolls marked and a quick year meeting. Those not applying to university will given instructions on what they will be doing instead of hearing from the universities and collecting information. See you in the morning.

Sale of Year 11 textbooks Friday 12th Dec
School Matters: Posted 10-12-14 Deadline - 12-12-14
If you have any Preliminary year text books and study guides to sell, there will be a sale in I2 at the start of lunchtime on Friday 12th Dec to the incoming Year 11 students. Mrs Woolly asks that you sticky tape an envelope on the book with your name, mobile number and price you want. If you cannot be there at lunchtime you may drop it into the library (not front office) with the envelope and details stuck to the book. Please spread the word to as many of your classmates as you can. A quick way to get some spending money for Christmas.

Awards Ceremony Monday 15th Dec
School Matters: Posted 9-12-14 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are attending to receive an award, you are asked to wear full summer school uniform - with clean shoes!!!

Grad photos
School Matters: Posted 14-11-14 Deadline - No Deadline
A reminder from Mrs Burt: $17 per image. Payment by pay-pal only. Images will only be on the web for a short time please order promptly to avoid disappointment. Go to tutorial for how to down load.

For more information, visit www.robertchappel.com.au

Testing testing 1 2 3
School Matters: Posted 12-11-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Are you having problems reading recent emailed Alerts? Please let me know if you are.

RSA and RCG Wed and Thurs 3.15 A4
School Matters: Posted 11-11-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Please bring a pen, food and drink for a prompt start at 3.15 in A4.

Trouble accessing school email addresses?
School Matters: Posted 10-11-14 Deadline - No Deadline
There have been recent changes to passwords by the CSO in Armidale. You should be able to access your school email by following the process on the attachment. If you know of anyone in this situation, please let them know.

Account Retrieval for email.docx

Book Sale - Monday 10th November
School Matters: Posted 5-11-14 Deadline - No Deadline
Hear the details at grad practice

Year 12 Graduation 2014 - tickets
School Matters: Posted 27-10-14 Deadline - No Deadline
If you have not yet bought your tickets, please do so tomorrow before or after when you have your SOR exam. They were due to be purchased today. Remind your friends please.

Breakfast BBQ from 7.30am to 9.00
School Matters: Posted 19-12-13 Deadline - No Deadline
Catering is organised. We are looking forward to seeing you. Catch up with friends and teachers. If you don't want to share your ATAR with everyone, that's ok. It is up to you but please come along and talk to me if your ATAR is higher or lower than expected. We can talk at the BBQ or make other arrangements that are suitable. I have a whole folder of information about options and lots of contacts at the universities, colleges and TAFE that I have built up over the years for this very reason. Share your news if you have found a job or apprenticeship already. I hope to see you there anytime from 7.30am until 9am.

Year 12 Breakfast BBQ - are you coming?
School Matters: Posted 17-12-13 Deadline - No Deadline
We hope to see you there for half an hour or so on Friday morning anytime from 7.30am. Can you please email either Mr Adams or myself if you are coming to help with the ordering? I hope to see you there.

Year 12 Breakfast BBQ
School Matters: Posted 13-12-13 Deadline - No Deadline
The school will be hosting a breakfast BBQ for our graduating Year 12s on Friday 20th December from 7.30-9.00am. Get out of bed and, if you are working, come along before work for a final chance to catch up with your classmates and teachers. It is also a chance to seek advice and information if your ATAR is higher or lower than anticipated. Have your teachers cook for you and look after you for the last time at McCarthy...See you and your friends there.

Don't forget the textbook sale next Thursday lunch
School Matters: Posted 14-11-13 Deadline - No Deadline
Remember this is a chance to sell your HSC texts to get some money. Bring lots of change ($5 $10 $2 etc) so you are prepared if someone gives you a $20 note. Otherwise you might lose the sale!

Year 12 textbook sale
School Matters: Posted 12-11-13 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be held next Thursday 21/11 at lunchtime in N1. Students need to bring their texts with an appropriate amount labelled clearly on it so that the current Year 11 students can purchase these. Please spread the word. If you are working, try to get your lunchtime to fit or find a friend to be your agent. Bring small change eg $5 and $10 notes and some gold coins too so if your first customer hands you a $50 or $20 you can give change.

Grad followup for those there or unable to attend
School Matters: Posted 8-11-13 Deadline - No Deadline
It was wonderful to see the transformation from students in school uniform to the wonderful young men and women you have become who looked so great last night. Year 12 students who did not attend the Graduation can collect their Graduation certificate and gifts from the school office. Please pass this on to those you know who were not there.

Grad practice
School Matters: Posted 6-11-13 Deadline - No Deadline
A message from Mr Adams to remind you that this will be 11am at the Town Hall.

Returning school library books
School Matters: Posted 4-11-13 Deadline - No Deadline
As you finish your HSC exams, can you please return all library books and book room items to the school? There are some study guides, various English texts and other books out in Year 12 names. Thank you for your cooperation.

2012 W.B. Yeats Poetry Prize
School Matters: Posted 4-12-12 Deadline - No Deadline
The Poetry Prize is open to Australian residents for previously unpublished poems. Poems are limited to a 50 line maximum length with prizes consisting of $500 for first place, $75 for second place and a number of commendation certificates.
Applications close Mon December 31st

For more information, visit www.wbyeatspoetryprize.com/

Please tell others
School Matters: Posted 22-11-12 Deadline - No Deadline
If you read something on the Careers Alert that you know may be of use or interest to someone else, please let them know and ask them to check their emails. Thank you. Even if the HSC is over and you may be on schoolies, the information keeps coming.

Overdue library books need to be returned
School Matters: Posted 9-11-12 Deadline - No Deadline
If you still have a book or USB out from the library, please return them asap before you get emails and phone calls home. Thank you.

Year 12 girls summer school uniforms needed
School Matters: Posted 14-12-11 Deadline - No Deadline
If you have no need for your summer school uniform and if it is in good condition, please bring it to the school library either Thursday or Friday or arrange for it to be brought in. They will be packed up with others from the clothing pool and Mr. Chan is organising for them to be sent to a school in Papua New Guinea. Thank you for your cooperation.

Year 12 gift to the school - message from James F
School Matters: Posted 25-11-11 Deadline - No Deadline
A message from James asking all Yr. 12 student to drop in $10 to Mrs.Forrest in the office for the gift for the school when they can. It would be a great idea to collect your copy of the 2010 school magazine at the same time.

2010 school magazine available now
School Matters: Posted 17-11-11 Deadline - No Deadline
If you were in the HSC class of 2010 or 2011, you can collect a copy of the 2010 magazine from the school office. If you are receiving this email and are no longer in Tamworth, can you ask a family member to come to the school to collect your family's copy? Also if you have a younger brother or sister currently at school, ask them to collect your copy from the office? If you see any of your classmates or are talking to them on Facebook, please let them know that the magazine is now back from the printers and available. It looks wonderful.

Senior textbook and study guide sale - Yr 12 2010
School Matters: Posted 28-1-11 Deadline - No Deadline
If you have Preliminary Year books and any HSc books left to sell, you can do so on Friday 4th Feb in the hall at lunchtime from 12.40 to 1.15. There will be over 10 0new Yr 11 studentws and some Yr 12s still after books. If you are working, you may be able to work your lunch break around this time. Please bring $5 and $10 notes for change. Please tell anyone from your year that you see or talk to to spread the word.

Awards Night Monday 13th December
School Matters: Posted 10-12-10 Deadline - No Deadline
If you have received a letter indicating that you will be receiving an award but are UNABLE to attend, please ring the school on 67610800 to let the organisers know. Thank you. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Textbook Sale to new Year 12s next Monday
School Matters: Posted 25-11-10 Deadline - No Deadline
If you want to sell textbooks and study guides to the new Year 12, this will be done in the hall on Monday 29th Nov from 10am to 11am. A good chance to tidy up your bedroom and get some cash! Bring lots of $5, $10 notes etc. so you can give change.

Book sale to Year 11s
School Matters: Posted 11-11-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Mrs Burt wanted me to let you know that if you wanted to sell textbooks and study guides to the new Year 12, this will be done in the hall on Monday 29th Nov from 10am to 11am. A good chance to tidy up your bedroom and get some cash! Bring lots of $5, $10 notes etc. so you can give change.

Grad practice on Monday 15th Nov
School Matters: Posted 11-11-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Mrs Burt would like to remind you that grad practice will be held at the Town Hall starting at 11am. Her words were: BE THERE! Please remind your friends and tell everyone you see, talk to, chat to, text etc etc

School Magazine for Year 12 2009
School Matters: Posted 4-8-10 Deadline - No Deadline
The school magazine has arrived from the printers. If you are one of the HSc class of 2009, you can call into the front office of the school to collect your copy. Please pass the word to others in your year that it is now available.

Book sale of senior textbooks/study guides 1st Feb
School Matters: Posted 27-1-10 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be the last chance to sell your Prelim year textbooks to the incoming Year 11s and to sell any leftover HSC material to new Year 12s who were away at the end of last year. THis will be on Monday 1st February 9.00-9.45 in the hall. There will be over 120 Year 11s looking for textbooks etc. Make sure you have change and set realistic prices. Remind anyone you see about this and if you cannot be there, arrange for someone to sell your items.

Sale of second-hand texts/study guides 2010
School Matters: Posted 15-12-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Monday 1st February (first Monday back at school): 9am to 9.30am in the Hall. This will be an opportunity for you to sell any leftover HSC texts and all your preliminary year texts and study guides to the new Year 11s. Average prices per book should be $10, $15, $20, $25 OR $30 so sellers should have money to provide change and be realistic in setting prices or risk getting stuck with their books. Bring lots of $5 and $10 notes to school on the day and not $50 notes. Put the date in your phone or diary as this will be your last chance to get some money back.

School Certificate Results
School Matters: Posted 11-12-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you know anyone who was in Year 10 this year, can you please let them know that their School Certificate results are now available to be collected from the Front Office at school. Thank you.

Year 12 Muck up photo
School Matters: Posted 9-12-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you ordered and paid for the muck up photo, they can be collected from the Front Office.

Reminder about Awards Night
School Matters: Posted 9-12-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be held at the school on Monday 14th Dec. You are asked to be here by 7.15pm if you are receiving an award.

Students with library books still out.
School Matters: Posted 23-11-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Acording to library records these students have books still out in their name. Please arrange to return them before accounts are sent home: Jamilla Hile, Alex Kruit, Hannah Smith, Steve de Silva, Teeha Black, Will Cooper, Laura McInnes, Sara Flemming and Beth Gooch.

Book Sale 2nd chance
School Matters: Posted 18-11-09 Deadline - No Deadline
At the beginning of Term 1 next year, there will be a second book sale to sell your Prelim year textbooks to the incoming Year 11s and to sell any leftovers to new Year 12s who were away today. As soon as I have a date, I will post it but it will be early and before people head off the uni etc.

Returning library books
School Matters: Posted 2-11-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Another job to be done is to return all library books and English texts etc BEFORE graduation. Thank you for you cooperation.

GRAD TICKETS - Important message
School Matters: Posted 2-11-09 Deadline - No Deadline
All graduation tickets must be paid for and picked up by Friday November 6th (this week) from Mrs Forrest in the office.

Lockers - notice from Mrs Walden in the office
School Matters: Posted 2-11-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Could the folllowing students please return their locks to Mrs Walden in the office immediately: Adam Brook Jacob Cameron Katherine Clay William Cooper Michael Drew Mitchell Finn Joseph Gagie Jamilla Hile Rebecca Horne Sarah - Jane Jeffrey Alex Kruit RhiannonLittle Megan Mason Hayley McDonald Matt McKinnon Benjamin Meppem Ross Michell Daniel Muller Mitchell Newton Brannon Perkins Elyce Romer Katie Ryan Lauren Ryan Christen Sing Nicholas Smith Annabelle Walsh

Graduation practice -message from Mrs O'Neill
School Matters: Posted 2-11-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be at 11am on Monday 16th November at the Town Hall so don't make your hair and beauty appointments at this time. Pass the word to any other Year 12s you see to make sure they know about this and the book sale and the locker notice. Thank you.

School Library books
School Matters: Posted 29-10-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Please remember to return all books borrowed from the library, English novels and other textbooks when your exams are finished.

Senior First Aid course
School Matters: Posted 17-9-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The dates for the final course this year are after your graduation and will be held at school from 3.30 on Wed Nov 18h and Thursday Nov 19th. If this will help your job prosects or is needed for the course you want to do, pay $85 to Mrs Forrest. You will get the workbook for the theory at the beginning of next Term. THIS IS NOT FOR HOSPITALITY STUDENTS DOING THE COURSE WITH MRS DUNS THIS TERM.

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