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Enter the PM’s AYF Challenge - $15,000
General: Posted 20-4-10 Deadline - No Deadline
The Hon Kate Ellis MP, Minister for Early Childhood Education, Child Care and Youth has opened a new national initiative, the Prime Minister’s Australian Youth Forum Challenge. The PM’s AYF Challenge is an annual initiative that aims to stimulate fresh ideas about how young people can connect with their communities. If you’re 12-24 and you have an innovative idea which you think will encourage other young people to engage in their community, actively address local needs and promote a positive image of young people, why not consider submitting a project entry? Winners will be eligible for up to $15 000 to put their ideas into action. The winning ideas will be documented on the AYF website. The PM’s AYF Challenge closes 5.00pm AEST Tuesday 11 May 2010.

For more information, visit www.youth.gov.au/ayf/

National Youth Strategy Launched
General: Posted 20-4-10 Deadline - No Deadline
The Minister for Youth, the Hon Kate Ellis MP launched the National Strategy for Young Australians on Wednesday, 14 April 2010. The Strategy is part of the Australian Government’s ongoing process of giving young people a better deal and a voice in decisions that affect them. It will be used as a guide for future Government action to encourage and help young people take charge of their own lives. The Strategy on young people aged between 12 and 24 years. At the heart of the Strategy is a vision for all young people to grow up safe, healthy, happy and resilient. Developed with young Australians, the Strategy describes what it’s like to be young in Australia today and highlights eight priority areas for Government action now and into the future.

For more information, visit www.youth.gov.au/nationalstrategy.html#doc

UBS Cadetship Applications Closing Soon
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 20-4-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Interested in a business career? Then don’t miss out on applying for a UBS Cadetship. A reminder that applications for the 2010 UBS Cadetships Program close on 7 May. Applications are made online to Professional Cadetships Australia by Year 12 applicants. The second section, a brief school assessment, is also completed online. UBS Cadetships offer students a wonderful opportunity to launch their business career while studying at the university of their choice in Sydney. UBS is a global leader in the finance sector. Cadetship opportunities are offered in Operations and in Finance. Cadets may choose from a wide range of degrees, including business, commerce, economics, arts, social sciences and IT. Full details of the Program are provided on the website.

For more information, visit www.professionalcadets.com.au/UBScadetships

Green Careers - Make a Difference
Career Choice: Posted 20-4-10 Deadline - No Deadline
With concerns for the environment bringing a greater awareness and the introduction of many new environmental regulations, there’s no doubt that the colour of the future is green. More and more jobs will be created to help people adapt to these changes and a whole new industry is opening up, so if you want to be a part of the green revolution, read on. Green careers contribute to a more sustainable world. They can include a wide variety of jobs and occur in most industry sectors. Examples of green occupations include park ranger or ecologist. However, green jobs exist in almost any career field or industry. There are green jobs at all education and skill levels. There are emerging industries that support environmentally friendly products, services and technologies. Solar and wind power technologies, hybrid cars and aquaculture are some examples. Electricians and plumbers, however, can work with both traditional energy sources and with solar energy. Construction workers can also work on energy-efficient designs. Green jobs are not all scientific, technical or practical. New green companies need accountants, human resource staff, receptionists, sales people and others. Existing companies are adopting new technologies and work practices to become green.

For more information, visit www.myfuture.edu.au/The%20Facts/Work%20and%20Employment/Green%20Careers.aspx

CSU Global can take you places
Universities: Posted 20-4-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Recent studies have indicated that over 80% of employers believe that graduates who undertake an overseas experience return to Australia with enhanced skills applicable to the workplace. CSU Global provides programs designed to give undergraduate students (on campus and studying by distance education) international exposure and a competitive edge in the graduate market, preparing students for work and citizenship through international exchange. If you’re considering an international career, you might want to check out CSU Global.
For more information, visit www.csu.edu.au/special/global/

open day every day @ CSU
Universities: Posted 20-4-10 Deadline - No Deadline
CSU say: Whether you’re in Year 10, Year 11, or studying for your HSC exams, it’s never too late to explore your options so why not come and visit CSU for an open day every day tour at any of our five regional campuses. A tour with an experienced student ambassador will help you acquaint yourself with the campus and its facilities. You will also get a chance to talk to staff members or lecturers about courses of interest and find out what it’s really like to study at CSU. Tours are available Monday to Friday and bookings are essential at least three business days before the time you require.

For more information, visit www.csu.edu.au/study/campus-tours.htm or call 1800 334 733.

School students go MaD for $250 cash prizes
General: Posted 20-4-10 Deadline - No Deadline
After the success of the Making a Difference competition in 2009, Charles Sturt University (CSU) invites senior school students to enter into the 2010 competition. The Making a Difference (MaD) Social Justice Innovation Award is open to all students in NSW and ACT aged 15 and 21 years and in Year 10, 11 or 12 at high school or a student at TAFE. Students are asked to “write a story, poem or script that addresses any issue of social justice”. In addition to the cash prizes, each winner is asked to select a charity of their choice which CSU will then make a $250 donation to on their behalf. In 2009 the charities chosen were UNICEF, MADRE, Cystic Fibrosis Australia and Youth Off the Streets. The MaD competition will run again in 2010 with entries open on Monday 2 May, 2010 and closing on Friday 2 July, 2010. Judging will take place in July and winners will be announced on Monday 16 August 2010. More information, including a full list of competition conditions, is available at the website.
For more information, visit www.csu.edu.au/student/mad

Details of the RSA/RCG courses in Week 1
General: Posted 15-4-10 Deadline - No Deadline
These will be held in A3 on Monday-Tuesday and then again on Wednesday-Thursday. They start at 3.15 sharp because the courses are 6 hours long so please be on time. Please bring pens and whatever you need to eat and drink as there will be no chance to go out and buy dinner!

Happy Easter
General: Posted 1-4-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Enjoy your holiday, do some school work sometime and if you are travelling visit the nearest university or college that interest you and check them out. See you next term.

Apprenticeships at Integral Energy
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 1-4-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Electrical - Distribution Powerline apprenticeships will be advertised in July.

For more information, visit www.integral.com.au/wps/wcm/connect/integralenergy/nsw/nsw+homepage/aboutusnav/careers

Subject Bonuses for University Entry
Universities: Posted 1-4-10 Deadline - No Deadline
All UAC institutions recognise performance in Year 12 subjects relevant to the course/s for which you have applied. Some have formal bonus points schemes; while others consider students individually. More information at website.
For more information, visit www.uac.edu.au/undergraduate/atar/bonuses.shtml

UNE Open Day notes now available.
Universities: Posted 31-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
See me for your copy and return the money asap to Mrs Forrest to reserve your seat on the bus.

Universty of Sydney course booklets for 2011
Universities: Posted 31-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
These have arrived. See me to browse or borrow.

Deakin Uni in Victoria
Universities: Posted 31-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Course booklets have arrived for 2011 includeing Medicine.
For more information, visit www.deakin.edu.au

New Bachelor of Mathematics at Newcastle
Universities: Posted 31-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
A flyer of this new course arrived. See what you would study and what careers it would lead to for you. It can be done as a combined degree with other courses.

Want to be a film maker or a career in film?
Private Colleges: Posted 31-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
International Film School Sydney offers an Adv Diploma of Screen and Media over 2 years. See me for the info pack and dvd of students short films.
For more information, visit www.ifss.edu.au

Want a career in a health area??
Career Choice: Posted 31-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
The updated Health Careers Kit 2010 has arrived and it is a MUST SEE for anyone wanting a health career eg nurse, physio, optometrist, medical imaging, naturopath, exercise and sports scientist etc. See fme as I have only 1 copy of the book.

UNSW RUral High Schools Medicine Week
Career Choice: Posted 31-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Held 11th-16th July. Applicants who want to study medicine should see for for a form. They are due to ME (not the uni) at the beginning of Week 2 next term ie 26th April.

For more information, visit http:''rcs.med.unsw.edu.au

HSC preparation program
HSC: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
See website for holiday program.
For more information, visit sydney.edu.au/cce/hsc

Bonus entry scheme at QUT
Universities: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Queensland Uni of Technology's bonus scheme is outlined at this site.
For more information, visit www.qut.edu.au/entrybonus

Blue Mountains Hotel Management School
Private Colleges: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Allied with Austrlaian Interantional Hotel School. Offer degrees, diplomas, world travel etc. Links to UQ.
For more information, visit www.hotelschool.com.au

A day in the life of a nursing student
Universities: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Offered at Notre Dame uni on Friday 9 July .
For more information, visit www.nd.edu.au

New: Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science at CSU
Universities: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Couse allows you to specialise in Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine.

New: Bachelor of Business in Hospitality Managemen
Universities: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
At CSU in Lismore. INcudes a 20 week internship program.
For more information, visit www.scu.edu.au/tourism

Dr, dentist, pharmacist, vet, optometrist??
Universities: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
IF you want to apply for any of these, you MUST see about the requirements eg sitting UMAT and STAT tests.

Tax File Numbers needed by uni students
General: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
IF you intend to get the gov't to pay your uni course costs through HEC-HELP, you must have a TFN. See the front office for an application form so you have it before you start uni.

Want to go to uni in Qld?
Universities: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
UQ (University of Quuensland) course guide for 2011 has arrived. See me for details.

UNE Open Day permission notes available now
Universities: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
If you would like to attend the UNE OPen Day to see what courses they offer, talk to uni advisers, see the colleges please collect a note from me. Money and notes will be numbered as they are returned to Mrs Forrest as we will be travelling with another school so first in will definitely be going. You should go if you are considering UNE as a preferred choice or if you see it as a back up due to its early entry scheme. You would obviously need to choose the right course for you.
For more information, visit www.une.edu.au/for/future-students/landing/openday.php

Apprenticeships in the Motor Mechanic Industry
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
MTA Apprenticeship Plus has job vacancies currently available.

For more information, visit www.mtaplus.com.au

APM College of Business and Communication
Private Colleges: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Join them for a day to begin your collection of business skills.
Tuesday 13th July - Influencing Skills - 10am - 2pm Tuesday 28th September - Women in Business - 10am - 2pm Level 10, 171 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, 2060 T. 1300 880 610

For more information, visit www.apm.edu.au

Day in the Life of ... hosp management
Private Colleges: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
William Blue College of Hospitality Management. Day in the Life of ... Hotel, Resort, Event, Tourism & Business Managers, & Head Chefs. 22 April, 15 July, 27 September Cost $40 includes all materials and lunch. T. 1300 851 237 E. info@williamblue.edu.au
For more information, visit www.williamblue.edu.au

A day in the life of a Designer.
Private Colleges: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Billy Blue College of Design 10am - 4pm Saturday: 29 May, 26 June, 31 July. Cost is $80 including lunch. 171 Pacific Highway, N Sydney, 2060 Phone 1300 851 245 email info@billyblue.edu.au

For more information, visit www.billyblue.com.au

Want a Career Designing Computer Games ?
Career Choice: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
AFTRS 3 hour 'All About Gaming' session on Apr 13. Find out more at the website.

For more information, visit www.aftrs.edu.au/courses/course-search/open-course-detail.aspx?id=4050

Thank you
General: Posted 30-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
A big thank you to those Year 12 students who stayed after school on Monday to meet the UNE CHancellor and Vice Chancellor. Both men expressed their appreciation for being able to speak to you. THe Vice Chancellor at the afternoon tea also spoke highly of you to me.

Monday's visit by UNE Chancellor and Vice-Chan
Universities: Posted 26-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
The Hon. Dr Richard Torbay (Chancellor UNE) and Professor Barber would like to meet key staff and senior students. This is a unique opportunity for students in our region to meet with UNE’s leaders to discuss possibilities for future learning, and the Vice Chancellor has expressed his wishes to personally speak with students.They will visit McCarthy Catholic College on Monday 29 March between 3:00 and 3:45pm in the library. Monday afternoon will also provide an opportunity for Principals, Careers Advisers and School leaders to mingle during a UNE gathering with refreshments at the UNE Tamworth Access Centre. This will commence at 4:15pm in Peel House, 24 Fitzroy Street Tamworth, next door to the Town Hall. If you would like to attend either, please let me know in person or via email please.

Earn good $$, travel, work o/s in varied fields??
Career Choice: Posted 26-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
If you want to do this, become a chartered accountant. An information package has arrived re jobs, what it actually involved (it is more people skills than number crunching) and pathways into it. Please see me to look or borrow the pack.

RSA and RCG update
General: Posted 26-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
There are still some vacancies for the Monday and Tuesday but the second coruse is full.

RSA and RCG - money due this week!
General: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Courses are in Week 1 of Term 2. Cost for both is $140 to Mrs Forrest ASAP. A lot of students indicated at a year meeting that wanted to do this, it has been organised and I need students to now pay for the courses.

UTS Handbook and all course information
Universities: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
This has arrived and some is in the Careers Room and some booklets are in the Senior Study.
For more information, visit www.uts.edu.au

UNE - visit by Chancellor and Vice Chancellor
Universities: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Next Monday afternoon (29th March) these Richard Torbay (Speaker of the NSW Parliament) and Professor Jim Barber will be visiting McCarthy and would like to meet year 12 students who may be interested in going to UNE. If you would like to attend and talk to them about the university and courses, please let me know. They will be in the library from 3.00 to 3.30.

Economics & Business at Sydney Uni
Universities: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Course booklets have arrived.

Macquarie Uni in 2011
Universities: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Course guide has arrived in the Careers Room.
For more information, visit www.mq.edu.au

New program - Bachelor of Social Work Gold Coast c
Universities: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Griffith University has extended its teaching programs with a Bachelor of Social Work on offer at the Gold Coast campus from next year. With an existing skills shortage, strong population growth in the Brisbane to Gold Coast corridor, and an ageing population, there is an increasing demand for well qualified, social work practitioners. Social work involves understanding and providing necessary support for individuals of all ages in their different environments such as families, the workplace or community.It covers a broad range of areas including hospital and community health; child, youth and family welfare; aged care and disability services; and community development.Career opportunities exist in all health and human services organisations such as Queensland Health, Centrelink, the Department of Communities, Department of Child Safety and non-government agencies in the health and welfare sector.
Graduates from the four-year program will be eligible for membership of the Australian Association of Social Workers.
For more information contact Hayley Pearce phone: 07 5552 9332, email: h.pearce@griffith.edu.au
For more information, visit www.griffith.edu.au

Acting for Camera
Career Choice: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Five-day drama workshop at the Powerhouse Museum 12–16 April. See website for details.

For more information, visit www.atyp.com.au/index.php/workshops

Scholarships at UTS
Scholarships: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Search the site to see what you can apply for and what suits you.
For more information, visit www.uts.edu.au/study/scholarships/index.html

Ernst & Young Accounting Cadet Program 2011
Scholarships: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Combine university studies with real work with a major accounting firm. Put these dates in your diary. It is a fantastic opportunity. Application opening date 24 May, closing date 25 June

For more information, visit www.ey.com.au/AU/en/Careers/Students/Programs/Cadet-Program

UNSW Faculty of Law Essay Competition
General: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Open to Year 11 and 12 students.. Entries Close 5pm Friday 23 April.

For more information, visit www.law.unsw.edu.au/essaycomp

Graphic Design Interior Design and Photography
Career Choice: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
Workshops available in at CATC in Sydney Thursday & Friday 10am–4pm 15th - 16th April 8th - 9th July 16th - 17th September. Flyer in Careers Noticeboard.
For more information, visit www.catc.nsw.edu.au

Fitness Certificate II course at Tamworth TAFE
TAFE: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
I have a flyer on the course whihc can be done on a part time basis. See me for a copy.

Social Work Careers Day
Career Choice: Posted 23-3-10 Deadline - No Deadline
2010 Social Work Careers Day will be held at Westmead Hospital on the 11th and the 19th May. We would like to offer places to two students at the school. Please see me if you are interested in attending. The brochure is on the wall in the Senior Study.

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