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Hotel, event and resort Management careers
Private Colleges: Posted 31-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Australian International Hotel School and Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School offer a range of courses at Diploma and Degree level in Canberra and the Blue Mountains. The Bachelor of Business degrees are linked to the University of Queensland. They will be offering short 3 day residential programs called Career Focus Days where you live on site, see what careers are available, check out the facilities and options. These are in April, July, October and November. Its a good chance to check out the colleges and to see if these careers are what you think they are. I have brochures and application forms.

New courses at Sydney uni
Universities: Posted 31-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
2010 will see a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science (if you can't decide whether to do Arts or Science this is a good option) and the new Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences. Talk to the people from Sydney Uni at the Careers Expo at the beginning of Term 2 about these courses or see me for details as they replace other courses.

Another Gap Year Option
Career Choice: Posted 31-3-09 Deadline - 17-4-09
AN organisation called Tutors Worldside organises gap year options as tutor in prep or secondary schools. You get board, lodging and some financial renumeration. Locations are Britain and New Zealand. Find out more at their website. Applications must be POSTED and arrive in New Zealand by 17th APril.
For more information, visit www.tutorsworldwide.org

Career Fact Sheets
Career Choice: Posted 19-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Check out this website for careers in arts, entertainment, media, music, graphic arts etc
For more information, visit www.ibsa.org.au/content/careers/index.html

Griffith Business School - New degree focuses in A
Universities: Posted 19-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Asia is increasingly important to Australia, both in terms of politics and business. Our political, economic and social ties with Asia have expanded in recent years and will continue to strengthen.The new Bachelor of Asian Business with Honours focuses on Business Management in the region and is designed to develop tailored skills and knowledge for the cultural and political economy of the contemporary business environment. The degree is offered full-time (including summer semester), on-campus and via in-person mode at Nathan. This program also includes a one-year study-abroad industry internship and an optional integrated Honours project.
For more information, visit www.griffith.edu.au/business/asian-studies

Fast track to a career in nursing
Universities: Posted 19-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Bachelor of Nursing students now have the option to fast track their studies by as much as six months.The School of Nursing and Midwifery offers a number of courses over the normal summer vacation period to students in the end of their first and second years of study. Nursing students can effectively complete their degree in two and a half years rather than three years, and enter the workforce earlier as a registered nurse.

For more information, visit www.griffith.edu.au/health/school-nursing-midwifery

New Architecture course at Griffith Uni
Universities: Posted 19-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Griffith Uni will be offering a complete architecture qualification from 2010 at our Gold Coast campus. This is the first time architecture studies have been available in Queensland outside of Brisbane and the course will accommodate up to 200 students in a new purpose-built design studio space. The program will offer a distinct 'design for sustainability' theme, catering for the needs of the tropical and subtropical Asia Pacific region, and concentrate on buildings as well as the design and re-design of towns, parks, shopping areas, recreational, and conservation and tourism facilities.
Students begin with the three-year Bachelor of Urban Design (Architectural Studies) then graduate into the two-year Master of Architecture to gain professional accreditation as an architect. The course also includes a strong emphasis on work-integrated learning which will enable students to complete projects for external industry clients from undergraduate level.
For more information, visit www.griffith.edu.au/environment-planning-architecture/architecture

Exercise science degree and career at Griffith
Universities: Posted 19-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Griffith’s Bachelor of Exercise Science can be your first step in the race to a number of rewarding career options. Want to help people get well? Exercise science can take you straight to hospital jobs in cardiac rehabilitation or respiratory and sleep medicine. Interested in athletes and sports? Try a double degree in exercise science and sports management. Not quite sure where you want to go yet? Our exercise science degree is a solid base from which to move onto postgraduate programs in physiotherapy, pharmacy, medicine, teaching and sports coaching. Flex your mind and muscles and find out more at the website.
For more information, visit www.griffith.edu.au/health/school-physiotherapy-exercise-science.

Fast track option for biomedical research
Career Choice: Posted 19-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
High achieving students interested in trying their hand at biomedical research are being offered a unique opportunity at Griffith University from 2010. The new, accelerated Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) program offers the chance to effectively fit four years of study into three years by embedding a research project and one-on-one mentoring with an active medical researcher. Employment options for four-year trained scientists are good, so graduates can then choose to take up a job in industry – already equipped with hundreds of hours of hands-on, laboratory experience. They also still have the option of staying at university and studying medicine or a higher research degree. Visit our Biomedical and medical science website.
For more information, visit www.griffith.edu.au/health/biomedical-medical-science

Experience the life of a researcher at Griffith Un
Career Choice: Posted 19-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Have you ever thought about a career in research? Ever wanted to know how great minds come together to solve problems? And how they push the boundaries of human knowledge that change the world forever? Our researchers are finding cures for deadly diseases; preventing worsening community crimes; holding onto the world’s musical diversity, which is depleting at an alarming rate, and much more. We invite you to participate in our Virtual Research Week where you can:· chat with our renowned researchers · hear the stories of our research students · learn about Griffith’s world-leading research strengths and · explore the University’s excellent research facilities through a virtual lens When: 5 - 8 May 2009 How to attend: Register online to secure your place
For more information, visit www119.griffith.edu.au/

UTS (University of Technology Sydney) 2010
Universities: Posted 19-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
A box of booklets on their courses, all the faculties, alternate pathways to UTS etc. See me if you want info on their highly sought after courses.

Gap year - Lattitude applications and booklets
Career Choice: Posted 19-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The organisation that used to be known as Gap Australia has sent about 20 booklets and application forms if you want to work overseas next year in a school, outdoor ed, teaching English etc. Applications close 30 April (Early Bird ones for the UK) and final date is 20 May. Collect one from me in the Careers Room on Friday or Tuesday at lunchtime.
For more information, visit www.lattitude.org.au

Jobs in Tuesday's Leader
Job vacancies: Posted 17-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Casual staff wanted for 24/7 Crisis Youth Refuge working nights and weekends, casual paper delivery driver, trainee childcare at Billabong Cottage, casual waitperson, junior receptionist, several jobs with Liverpool Council in Quirindi, apprentice electrician (indigenous position) with Hunter New England Health.

UAI too low for Griffith Uni?
Universities: Posted 17-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Go to QIBT (Queensland Institute of Business and Technology) for a year and then jump straight into 2nd year uni. See the Website or the brochures I reeived this week.
For more information, visit www.qibt.qld.edu.au

Are you an entrepreneur/ Want to own a business?
Career Choice: Posted 17-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Check and subscribe to Ignite to get some ideas.
For more information, visit www.frankteam.com.au/downloads/ignite_53_2009.pdf

African Conservation Experience - Gap year option
Career Choice: Posted 17-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
TAfrican Conservation Experience, which started 10 years ago, and is an organisation for voluntary wildlife conservation placements in Southern Africa. Placements can be from 2 weeks to 12 weeks in length and projects include wildlife veterinary work, animal behaviour research, animal rehabilitation, game reserve management and community work. Students cover their own costs of flights, food, transport and accommodation, plus an amount that goes to fund the project. The whole placement for participants is organised and participants are given advice on fundraising and getting sponsorship.

For more information, visit www.ConservationAfrica.net

New UNSW Accommodation Website
Accommodation: Posted 17-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The ten housing providers at UNSW offer a broad range of housing options including full board accommodation with pastoral and academic support, self catered apartments which are geared towards independent living and a variety of short term accommodation for both students and visiting academics. The new UNSW Housing website provides detailed information on facilities and charges for on campus colleges and the University apartments, housing application procedures, general tenancy advice and contact details for local hotels, motels, hostels and other temporary accommodation. The new website will also host the Off-Campus Listings Service which allows students to search our data base for suitable shared housing in the local area.
For more information, visit www.housing.unsw.edu.au/housing/

Design Competition for students
Career Choice: Posted 10-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
See info at the website.
For more information, visit www.dgdesignnetwork.com.au/aderg/dg-student-design-competition-2009-call-for-entries/

Business Cadetships Program cancelled for 2010
Career Choice: Posted 10-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
have been asked to print the following by the Business Cadetships Program: 'Due to further deterioration in the global economy, two of the Program Companies are now unable to definitely place cadets under the 2009 Business Cadetships Program. This means that this year’s Program has been cancelled and the Program Launch on 27 March will not occur.

Last call to go to the Health Careers Expo
Career Choice: Posted 10-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This is at the hospital on 25th March 1.30 to 3.00. I need to fax numbers attending on Thursday so see me asap please if you and/or your parents wish to attend.

Speech pathology at Macquarie Uni
Universities: Posted 10-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Information on this course is available in a booklet I received today. See me or you can go to the website for info about the course and the University's speech clinic.
For more information, visit www.ling.mq.edu.au/undergraduate/bsphs/index.htm

Careers in Social Work
Career Choice: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Each year Westmead Hospital arranges 2 careers days in May for high school students to attend if they are interested in pursuing a career in social work. This year the dates are 11 and 19 May, 9 - 3 pm, and the event will be held in the Special Functions Room in the Level 1 Education Block at Westmead Hospital. Cost will be $10 per student. Students wishing to attend should phone 98456699 to rsvp prior to 8 April. Numbers are limited to 40 each day, and preference will be given to students who reside in the local area. Numbers are limited to a maximum of two students per school.

For Aspiring Medical Students
Career Choice: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
In 2008, AMA (NSW) hosted a Medical Careers Exhibition for medical students and junior doctors with exhibitors from most of the major learned Colleges and corporate sponsors. The event was very well received by all attendees including the 300 medical students and doctors who came along on the day. AMA (NSW) has decided to hold another Exhibition in 2009. This year, they have again opened the exhibition up to Year 12 High School Students, as they have a number of the major University Medical Faculties exhibiting on the day. This is an ideal opportunity for Year 12 high school students who are considering medicine as a career to have all their questions answered by Universities and Colleges all under the one roof. The exhibition is FREE. The event will be held on Saturday 4 April 2009 in the Shannon Room in the AJC Convention Centre at Randwick Racecourse. Students interested in attending the expo should visit the website, and complete the online registration form.
For more information, visit www.medcareerexpo.com.au

Want to study at Newcastle uni?
Universities: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Newcastle Uni website has a "majors page" which will show you all the areas you can specialise in by doing generic degrees such as arts, science, social scinece, business, commerce and law. Check it out.
For more information, visit www.newcastle.edu.au/service/careers/majors/ineex.html

Aust Cath Uni: Taste of Uni .. Try a course
Universities: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
In Sydney: business, nursing and exercise science plus an HSCS enrichmnet day will be offered. Find out more and register at the website below.
For more information, visit www.acu.edu.au/universityexperience

Aust Catholic Uni - course guide for 2010
Universities: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
ACU has campuses in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Ballarat and Melbourne with a huge array of courses. See me for a copy of their guide which contains info on scholarships as well.
For more information, visit www.acu.edu.au

Automotive apprenticeships - Year 12
Career Choice: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If anyone is looking at starting a career in the automotive industry, plese see me regarding pathways through the MTA.

Health Careers Expo March 25th
Career Choice: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Find out information on:Up to date information on Careers in the Health Industry, new training pathways offered in health related careers in Tamworth & North West NSW Health professionals will be available to advise on local training pathways in: Occupational Therapy, Radiography, Nutrition & Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Nuclear Medicine and Nursing. Postgraduate Studies: Pharmacy. We will attending the session from 1.30-3.00. If you are interested in any of these areas and wish to attend, you need to give your name to me in person by Thursday 12th March or email me. Only students who have done this will be able to attend. Your parents are also invited to attend. Please let me know if they will be there. Thank you.

The Careers Shack in Denne St
Career Choice: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This is a free service open to students and parents. They offer assistance in a range of career-related areas and are open on Mondays and Thursdays in Term1 from 3pm to 6pm. Drop in or ring 6765 9334 for information.

L Platers and P Platers: course 14th March
General: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
TAFE will be running courses on how to maintain your vehicle on 14th March. See me or the noticeboard in the Senior Study for details and registration forms. Cost is $80 and it goes from 10.00am to 2.30pm.

Lattitude Gap year programs for 2010
General: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The first copies have arrived. Applications close on 20th May. See me for your copy.
For more information, visit www.lattitude.org.au

Courses in the fitness industry
Career Choice: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Service Skills Australia are offering a range of courses including specialising ias a Children's Instructor or Trainer to help tackle the childhood obesity crisis. See me for the brochures.
For more information, visit www.serviceskills.com.au

Uni of Wollongong Courses+ Early Entry+ Scholarsh
Universities: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
The uni has sent a great course guide covering all their 9 faculties and information on their early entry scheme and scholarships See me for details.
For more information, visit www.uow.edu.au

Jobs at Presto Gournet Pizzeria
Job vacancies: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
See the Careers Noticeboard near the library for details. They need Head Driver, Casual Driver and shop assistant/pizza hands both casual and permanent.

First Aid Course in May
General: Posted 6-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
For some careers and also uni courses in sports science and health, it is expected that you have first aid qualifications. Here are details of a course due to be held in Tamworth in May. See the attached link.
Tamworth First AId.doc

RSA and RCG now full but...
School Matters: Posted 4-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you missed out and still want to do these courses, please let me know. If there are enough students, I will organise another course.

Career Choice: Posted 4-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are interested in graphic design, multimedia design, interior decoration and design, CATC College will be hold free workshops in Sydney. For details of the dates, see the poster in the Senior Study, see me or visit the website.
For more information, visit www.catc.nsw.edu.au

RSA and RCG - still some places left
School Matters: Posted 3-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
As of late Tuesday there were still some places left for both courses. If you want to do them, please bring your money in ASAP to Mrs Forrest.

Carpentary Apprenticeships
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 3-3-09 Deadline - No Deadline
TAFE has several vacancies in the pre-vocational carpentary course that has just started. This is for anyone who wants an apprenticeship in this area but does not have an employer. This course will really increase your chances of getting an apprenticeship. Ring Grant Bowden at TAFE on 0428523461. Please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.

Job seekers - fitness position in a local gym
Job vacancies: Posted 27-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
360 Fitness Club is in need of someone who is interested in sport and fitness that would like to work at the Club. THey are looking for someone who has their sights set in a future career as a fitness professional. Their starting duties would be keeping the Club presentable and helping with general desk duties, between the hours of 3.30 and 6pm, Mon to Fri, with some weekend work where possible. Anyone interested should take their resume to the club in an envelope marked: Attention Michelle King.

News from Raffles College re courses
Private Colleges: Posted 26-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Raffles College Postgraduate & Commerce Information Evening: An information evening is being held for prospective students to find our more about Raffles' Commerce degree with specialisations in design management, finance, hospitality, management, marketing or tourism. Upon successful completion of the three year full-time degree, students can further their studies with the Master of Commerce and Master of Design. The evening will also outline the distinguishing features of Raffles' Master degrees, for people who already have an undergraduate degree, &/or several years professional experience. These degrees have been designed to provide a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial edge to a design or business career. When: Tuesday 17 March 2009 Where: Raffles College of Design and Commerce 99 Mount St, North Sydney Lecture Theatre, Level 4 (Ground) Time: 6pm – 7.30pm Register before: Monday 16 March 2009 (4 intakes per year: Feb | Apr | Jul | Oct) Call: 9922 4278 Email: contact@raffles edu.au
For more information, visit www.raffles.edu.au

Sydney Morning Herald HSC Careers Expo
Career Choice: Posted 26-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
THis will be held on Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 May, 10 am to 5pm at Randwick Racecourse A new event for Year 10, 11 and 12 students and their parents: The Sydney Morning Herald HSC and Careers Expo brings together over 90 exhibitors providing HSC, tertiary course, career, study skills and gap year information and resources. In addition, there will be 70 seminars on tertiary courses, study advice and HSC subjects including English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Business Studies, Modern and Ancient History. A number of the HSC subject seminars will be presented by the Board of Studies. Admission is $10.00 per person, $5 per person for schools groups, $25.00 for families (3 or more, children under 14 free). Admission is valid for all three days, includes the seminars, a comprehensive Visitor Guide and The Sydney Morning Herald. For more details see The Expo Feature in The Sydney Morning Herald on 9 May and The Expo Visitor Guide in The Sydney Morning Herald on 9 May or go to the website.
For more information, visit heraldeducation.com.au

Are your friends on CareersAlert yet?
General: Posted 26-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Please check with your friends and either show them how to subscribe or ask them to see me. If they have not subscribed, they won't know what is going on re courses, career opportunities, deadlines and jobs.

Details of RSA and RCG courses.
General: Posted 26-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
RSA will be on Tuesday 12 May from 3.15-8.30 at school with the RCG on Wednesday 13 May from 3.15-8.30. Bring a pen and snacks. The cost per course is $70 so $140 if you do both which I strongly recommend as it increases your employment prospects in places like clubs and hotels. This is quite competitive compared to the costs of the courses at other places. There are 25 places in each course to the first 25 people to bring their money into Mrs Forrest in a school envelope marked "RSA and RCG".

Joining CareersAlert
General: Posted 20-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be the main method I have of letting students know what is going on, coming up, deadlines for applications, available jobs, scholarship and course information etc. You need to check your emails regularly and check that your friends have subscribed. If not, they will be in the dark and won't know what is going on or available. If you see something that you think one of your friends would be interested in, please pass it on.

Other topics for lunchtime talks
School Matters: Posted 19-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
If you have a suggestion on what you and/or your friends want to know about, let me know or email me. I will see what I can arrange.

Join the Defence Force? ADF Gap year?
Career Choice: Posted 19-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
I will be taking students who want to find out joining the Defence Force (general entry, trades entry or officer entry or GAP year) to a talk on March 5th. BUT you need to give me your name ASAP so I know how many wish to attend so I can book a bus. Names by Monday please.

Careers in Hospitality and Event Management?
Private Colleges: Posted 19-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
See the Careers Noticeboard for details of an information evening next Thursday 26th February here in Tamworth.

RSA and RCG courses
School Matters: Posted 19-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
Next week there will be information on the dates and costs in a CareersAlert email. Keep checking. Course intake: 25 students. You can be 17 and do the course but cannot use the qualifications until you are 18.

Uni Roadshow Periods 5 & 6 on Wed 25th
Universities: Posted 19-2-09 Deadline - No Deadline
All Year 12 students thinking of applying to university are asked to go to the PAC at the end of lunch on Wed 25th February. Representatives from several universities will be there to explain application procedures, early entry schemes, costs, talk about accommodation, scholarships etc. You will have a chance to talk to them after the presentations and collect brochures.

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