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Scholarships from the Govt for uni students
Scholarships: Posted 26-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
I received this information this week: If you are going to uni, you may like to apply for one of these 4 types of scholarships. Commonwealth education costs ($2207 x 4yrs), accommodation scholarships worth $4415 pa x 4 yrs, National priority scholarships (eg teaching, nursing, allied health, science, eng & maths) worth $2207 and national accommodation scholarships. Ring 1800020108 or go to the website. There are also some Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships with details at the same places.
For more information, visit www.goingtouni.gov.au

Did you borrow careers resources eg QTAC books?
School Matters: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Please return all career books and resources borrowed during the year in the next few weeks. Thank you for your cooperation.

Jobs at Kootingal IGA
Job vacancies: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Gap year students living near Kootingal are invited to apply to Paul or Sam at IGA for various job vacancies. Take a resume into the shop.

A Life - career options if you need direction
Career Choice: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Still don't know what to do? A new CD with over 100 career profiles has arrived. Alternatively check out the website and click on Random for examples.
For more information, visit alife.net.au/

QIBT - alternative path to university for low UAIs
Universities: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Queensland Institute of Business and technology offers courses in bioscience, commerce, criminology, engineering, graphic design, hotel mgt, and IT. Do a Diploma and then go into 2nd year university.
For more information, visit www.qibt.qld.edu.au/

Aust Catholic Uni Info sessions
Universities: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
These are for parents and students at each of their campuses in December. See me or the website for dates.
For more information, visit www.acu.edu.au/informationsessions

Traineeships with the Army Reserve
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Available in stores, communications, retail and admin. Contact me for details.

Scholarships at Macquarie
Scholarships: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Merit Scholarships worth $12K x 5 years, Financial disadvantage scholarships worth $4434K x 4 years and Accommodation scholarships for students from rural areas worth $8830 pa x 4 years. Closing date is 28th Nov.
For more information, visit www.reg.mq.edu.au/undergrad/current/scholarship

Bonus Scheme at Macquarie
Universities: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
This is called Academic Advantage and applies to most courses. See which and what you can receive at the website.
For more information, visit www.mq.edu.au/academicadvantage

FREE Women with Drive workshop
School Matters: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
To be held Wed 26th Nov from 6pm at 1 WhiteSt - Goodyear Autocare. Register on 67663622 if you want to attend. Find out how to keep your car running.

DVD on Health courses/careers at UQ
Universities: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
This and brochures have arrived with 5 mnutes interviews on 12 different health and exercise science careers. Well worht looking at if you want to do something in health but still have not made up your mind.

Qantm College
Private Colleges: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Offer 1 and 2 year courses in animation, graphic design, multimedia and games Programming. located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
For more information, visit www.qantm.com.au

Diploma of Graphic Design in QLD
Scholarships: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Don't get a high enough UAI? Want to get fast tracked inThen do this course and then go into 2nd year at uni. Scholarships of 25% and 50% of tuition costs are now open and close on 14 Feb. See me for details.
For more information, visit www.qibt.qld.edu.au/scholarships

CAS Hawker Scholarships worth $60,000
Scholarships: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Applications open Dec 1st and close January 9th. See websites for details.
For more information, visit www.hawkerscholarship.org

Diploma in Law course through Sydney Uni
Universities: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
You need a UAI of least 66. Cost is $11,000 and you can study this externally. Course handbook and brochure have arrived.

Reminder of Eversol's Law Bursary
Scholarships: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
everingham Solomon have weritten to me again to remind any budding law students that the closing date for the law bursary is end of November. You need to write a cover letter (see your green careers book for examples) with a resume. More details : ph Monica Brooks on 67661066

HECS-HELP 2009 booklet if going to uni in 2009
Universities: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
The Federal Gov't has sent a box of booklets outlining the costs of going to uni and options for paying for courses. I f you intend going in 2009 and NOT deferring, please come in and collect a booklet from me to help you and your parents decide how to pay for courses.

Gap year jobs at Pizza Hut
Job vacancies: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Traineeships where you work and gain Cert II or III in Retail or Hospitality are available now. Preferably you will be 18 by 31 Dec and have a licence and a first aid cert would be good.
Contact Shauna Biffin on 0428614263 to check on current job vacancies in the business.

Jobs: apprentice electrician & child care trainee
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
These jobs were advertised in the Leader last week so contact me for details if you are interested and can't get a copy of last week's paper.

UNE Campus Tours for students and parents
Universities: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
UNE has sent a list of dates for the 2 hour tours of the uni, the facilities and colleges. You must book so ring 1800 818 865 to do this and see what dates are available in both December and January.

For more information, visit www.une.edu.au

Short course in Advertising Media at Ultimo TAFE
TAFE: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
TAFE College is also offering a new summer course for students keen to break into the advertising industry. Entitled ‘Media Bootcamp’, the Certificate IV in Advertising Media runs for 4 weeks across December and January, enrolment is on 28th November. For more information call 9217 4145 or email kerry.furlong@tafensw.edu.au Don’t forget that enrolment for 2009 Semester 1 will be held between 27 January and 2 February 2009.
For more information, visit www.sit.nsw.edu.au

Bedford College - Childcare & Accounting in 2009
Private Colleges: Posted 19-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Bedford sent this information: We have recently been one of only a handful of private providers nationwide to receive approval from the Australian Government to offer VET FEE-HELP loans to our diploma students. The loan is an extension of the FEE-HELP (previously HECS) loan scheme currently offered to university students.The VET FEE-HELP loan will cover all or part of students’ College tuition fees for the diploma course and will also pay your university tuition fees should you decide to articulate into a higher education degree on completion of your Bedford course. The loan is income contingent and repayments will commence when their income reaches $41,595 (in 2008-9). I have enclosed information on the VET FEE-HELP loan, further details and a link to the VET FEE-HELP site can be found on our website. We are also in the process of applying to be able to offer a Diploma of Accounting in 2009. It is looking very positive, and we are already in the process of organizing an articulation into University into a Bachelor of Accounting or Finance. We will find out for certain if this will be available in the coming weeks and will be sure to keep you posted on any progress.

For more information, visit www.bedford.edu.au

Pre-apprenticeship & traineeship courses
Job vacancies: Posted 14-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
These are being offered by Allliance in electrical/construction and automotive/paint and panel as well as adminstration traineeship courses. Course will be offered trhough TAFE and Alliance have employers ready. You can book courses on 1300 657 925 or visit the website for details.
For more information, visit www.alliancepeople.com.au

Office Assistant job
Job vacancies: Posted 14-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
A local company is looking for a young person to assist our office manager in her duties dealing with customers and all aspects of office management. Training will be provided. They are seeking someone who wants to make a career out of this position but would consider a gap year student. If you are interested, please email me for details.

School book sale 30th Jan 2009
School Matters: Posted 14-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
There will be a followup sale of prelim texts and study guides to the new Yr 11s and a chance to sell any HSC books you have left in the hall on the first Friday back at school next year (30th Jan) at 11.00-11.50 in the Hall.

More course and careers info coming soon
School Matters: Posted 12-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
I will be sending another email with the material that has just arrived in the mail either later this week or early next week. So keep on checking your emails regularly. Remember that if you see something that may suit a friend, check that they have seen it.

School magazine request
School Matters: Posted 12-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Mrs McHugh has asked me to send a message to all Year 12. As you know both Mr McDougall and Mrs Prisk are retiring at the end of this year. There will be a special feature on them in the 2008 magazine. Mrs McHugh asks that if you can email me (just click on reply) with a sentence or phrase that describes either or both of them, what your memories are of them, what you appreciate about them. I will then collate these and give them to Mrs McHugh. Thank you for your assistance.

School Awards Night
School Matters: Posted 11-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be held on 10th Dec. During this week letters will be sent to students who will be receiving awards. You are asked to reply and let the school know if you will be there. Please do this as a matter of courtesy and don't just not turn up as it doesn't reflect well on you and will cause organisational problems. Also those students receiving awards will need to wear summer uniform so please don't sell/destroy/give away your uniform just yet in case you need to wear it on the night.

Grad Practice on Monday 17th
School Matters: Posted 11-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Mr Vella has asked me to remind you that all Year 12s are required to be at the Town Hall on Monday at 11 o'clock for your Grad practice. It should take about an hour or slightly more. I hope you have a wonderful night.

Friday's Book Sale to new Year 12 students
School Matters: Posted 11-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
This is a reminder about the book sale where you can sell texts and study guides to the new Year 12 students only at this stage. There will not be any Year 10s at school on the day to to get any prelim books. The sale will be held in the hall from 11 o'clock to 12 noon. You can set up during recess from 10.40 - 11.00. Remember to price books at $5, $10, $15 etc and be reasonable in what you ask or else you might be stuck with them. I suggest you bring some money as change eg lots of $5 notes in case someone wants one of your books for $10 but only has a $50 note. If you cannot be there, arrange with a friend to sell your books.

Grad tickets and booksale
School Matters: Posted 5-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Have you paid for your Grad tickets yet? Please do so ASAP. Remember the book sale of your textbooks and study guides to the new Year 12 students will be at school on Friday 14th November.

Going to uni in 2010 after a GAP year?
Universities: Posted 5-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
If you intend working to become eligible for the Independent Youth Allowance remember that your income will be assessed from the date you finish school. Centrelink recommend that you get a letter from the school stating that you were a student at MCC until whatever the date of your last HSC exam. Keep this safe as you will need it in 2010. It is easier to do this now than contact the school in 18months times. Ask the ladies in the office for a letter but please allow them time to do it for you amongst all their other duties.

Seeking a job?
Job vacancies: Posted 5-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
After your last exam you should contact Centrelink to get your Job Seeker number and then choose one of the job agencies in town. See the link below to help you. Remember that some jobs are only available to people with the Job Seeker Number.
For more information, visit www.mccarthy.nsw.edu.au/careers/Job%20Hunting.htm#Local%20Job%20Agencies

Traineeship with Tamworth Basketball Assoc.
Job vacancies: Posted 4-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
This is a full time position (38hrs) involves a lot of office duties and also working with children. You will study to gain a Certificate III in sport and recreation. This is a good option for either someone wanting to get into a sports/fitness career or a gap year uni student. If there is anyone interested please contact the Basketball Association on 67622986 or drop in a resume. You would need to start work late January.

The Career Shack
Career Choice: Posted 4-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
The Careers and Resource Information Centre located in the grounds of West Tamworth Public School will be known as “The Career Shack”. This term is will be open on Mondays from 3-7pm. If you and your parents need access to computers and career info provided by Careers Network Inc.

Attention: P and L Platers
School Matters: Posted 4-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
TAFE would like to advise that 'L Platers' are also eligible to do the course which is aimed at P Platers and L Platers learning to maintain their motor vehicles. Details of the course were posted back in October on Careers Alert: P Platers Learn to Maintain Your Car eg Basic Maintenance Date: 9 December 2008 Time: 10.00am to 2.30pm Cost: $80 pp (GST inc)Trainer: Noel Woodbury For further information contact: Amber or Donna - Ph: (02) 6768 2204

Found a job????
Job vacancies: Posted 3-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
If you have been offered a fulltime job or apprenticeship, I would appreciate it if you could please let me know. Hopefully everyone looking for fulltime work will find something over the next few months. Keep checking CareersAlert emails for jobs that I know about, especially the ones where employers contact me for jobs that aren't advertised.

Apprenticeship in Motor Trimming.
Job vacancies: Posted 3-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
D & B Ferry's Motor Trimmers (Specialising in blinds and awnings, marine trimming, auto trimming,shade sails): If interested phone and speak to Belina Ferry on 67669777. If you know someone who may be interested, make sure they read this.

For more information, visit www.ferrysmotortrimmers.com.au

Course guide for all art and design courses
Career Choice: Posted 3-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are interested in courses in any area of design, media, communications, performing arts, fathion, film, architecture, photography etc etc, you should look at this book which lists and describes all courses at TAFE, uni and private colleges. See me if you want o browse through to see what courses exist and where for the career you want to pursue.

Plant Sciences Scholarship at ANU
Scholarships: Posted 3-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Enrol in the Bachelor of Science majoring in Plant Science. Worth $6500 a year x 4 years. Applications can be downloaded from the site below or see me for course information.
For more information, visit cos.anu.edu.au/Plants/Scholarship.php

National Marine Science Centre at Coffs
Universities: Posted 3-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
You can do 2 years at either UNE or SCU in Bachelor of Marine Science and Management and then do the final part of your course at the Centre in Coffs. There are a whole range of career options open to graduates. Visit the website or ring 66483900 to make arrangements to visit the Centre if you are in Coffs.
For more information, visit www.nmsc.edu.au

Macquarie University personal/group campus tours
Universities: Posted 3-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Ring Raewyn Mallitt on 9850 1890 to arrange a personal tour for you and your parents to check out the campus and also the collleges and accommodation options.
For more information, visit www.mq.edu.au

Booklet on all the UAI Bonus Point Schemes
Universities: Posted 3-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
I have just bought a book which outlines all the schemes, what they offer in terms of how many points if you receive a certain band in a certain subject and which courses they apply to and at which universities. If you would like to see it, call in to see me from Tuesday 11th November at school.

TRC Traineeship
Job vacancies: Posted 3-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Traineeship with Tamworth Regional Council in Geographical Information System (GIS MApping). You need the HSC. drivers licence, be good at maths and physics, computing, communication skills etc and be prepared to work with them for the 2 years and do a Cert III course as part of the traineeship. This could leave to some good career options and a chance to attend university later after gaining valuabale work experiences and qualification rather than heading straight to university now. Job in NDL 1st Nov.

Jobs in The Leader 1st Nov
Job vacancies: Posted 3-11-08 Deadline - No Deadline
These include: Apprentice Chef & Bar staff at the Tamworth Hotel, apprenticeships in automotive/carpentry and electrical with Alliance , jobs at Cargill including an apprenticeship as a fitter/machinist, junior factory position with Decorama Blinds, Construction Labourers n(eed OHS Green card) with Workforce Extensions, Traineeship with Tamworth Regional Council in Geographical Information System (GIS MApping).

Registrations for P Plater TFE course
School Matters: Posted 23-10-08 Deadline - No Deadline
The registration forms for the course on car maintenance on Dec 9th are available from my desk in the library. Cost is $80 and the course goes from 10-2.30. Ph Amber or Donna on 67682204 for more info.

Want to be a nurse or midwife?
Career Choice: Posted 23-10-08 Deadline - No Deadline
A new website provides information for students and the Royal College of Nursing invites students to check it out.
For more information, visit www.NurseInfo.com.au

Whitehouse School of Design 2009
Private Colleges: Posted 23-10-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Bachelor of Design in either Sydney or Melbourne: FEE-HELP assistance is now available.
For more information, visit www.whitehouse-design.edu.au

Job in local store
Job vacancies: Posted 23-10-08 Deadline - No Deadline
Angus and Robertson is looking for a gap year uni student to work from mid-November. If you are interested, take your resume into the store and ask to speak to either Paul or Jan McManus. A letter of application is optional. Closing date is 7th November.

Melbourne School of Fashion
Private Colleges: Posted 23-10-08 Deadline - No Deadline
The course booklet for 2009 has arrived with both Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in all areas of fashion from drawing to millinery, fashion design and drawing, costume design and drawing, fashion business etc. If you, or someone you know, wants to get into the fashion or theatre industries this may be worth investigating.
For more information, visit www.melbourneschooloffashion.com

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