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Macquarie Uni on YouTube
Universities: Posted 30-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
See current students talking about courses and campus life.
For more information, visit www.youtube.com/macquarieuniversity

Macquarie Uni hotline
Universities: Posted 30-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are interested in courses here and have questions once you get your UAI it ill be open December 19,20,21 and January 2,3 and 4. Call 1800 351 117 about courses, what if your UAI is too low, preferences, alternative pathways they offer etc.
For more information, visit www.mq.edu.au

Julius Events College - short courses & open day
Private Colleges: Posted 27-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Short courses run every school holiday break. These include OH&S, lighting, sound, video and the Certificate Three - CUE30203 (Certificate III in Live Production, Theatre and Events (Tech Ops). BIG OPEN DAY SYDNEY: Saturday 19 January This is our BIG day for everyone interested in working in entertainment. Held at our college, 10 Bridge street Rydalmere. Show Time: 1pm sharp.You need to reserve a space, call 02 9638-5955 or email reception@juliusmedia.com

For more information, visit www.juliusmedia.com

The ICMS and Macquarie Uni
Private Colleges: Posted 27-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
The International College of Management (ICMS), Sydney was established in 1996. In association with its strategic partner Macquarie University, ICMS offers Diplomas as well as Associate, Bachelor and Master Degree programs in areas of Hospitality, Events, Tourism, Retail, Sport and Property Services Management. Course brochures are available from me. It is located at Manly.
For more information, visit www.icms.edu.au/

APM - get a degree in 2 yrs
Private Colleges: Posted 27-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
APM is now offering Degrees as well as other qualifications at their new campus in Nort Sydney. For the degree, you would do 3 semesters each year (total 6) instead of 2 semesters each year over 3 years like most universities. FEE-HELP now available. Courses are in marketing, advertising, PR, event management, sprts and music management etc
For more information, visit www.apm.edu.au

Pearsons School of Floristry
Career Choice: Posted 27-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Open Days in Sydney in Dec and Jan. They offer a range of courses.
For more information, visit www.pearsonsschool.com.au

Outdoor Recreation Industry
Career Choice: Posted 27-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Do you want to work as a tour guide or on outdoor ed programs? Courses are available - Certificate III and IV to get into the industry.
For more information, visit www.oric.org.au

Transport & Logistics industry huge job prospects
Career Choice: Posted 27-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Just about every commodity in Australia is moved at least once. There are many jobs in this industry which is one of the largest employers eg transport, engineering, IT etc. Check out the website.
For more information, visit www.the-linc.com.au

Photography, Advertisng and Multimedia courses
Private Colleges: Posted 27-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
ICCP (Interntional Colege of Creative Arts) offers courses in these areas at their Sydney and Melbourne campuses. eg Advaned Diploma of Business (Creative Advertising).
For more information, visit www.icpp.net

Jobs- apprenticeships and traineeships
Job vacancies: Posted 27-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
A lot are currently being advertised in the Leader. Check out Tuesday's and Saturday's editions.

Prospects in the Mining Industry
Career Choice: Posted 27-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
A DVD is available if you are interested.

Australian Institute of Fitness
Private Colleges: Posted 27-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Course brochures and info for careers as personal trainers, gym instructors, group fitness and aqua instructors. You can do some courses externally. Ring 1300669669 or go to the website.
For more information, visit www.fitness.edu.au

Qantm College - Bris, Sydney and Melb
Private Colleges: Posted 21-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
They offer diploma and degree courses in games programming, 3D animation, multimedia, digital video production and graphic design. Thye also offer short courses in Dec & Jan on various software in digital media. Ring 1300 136 933.
For more information, visit www.qantm.com.au

UNE Campus Tours
Universities: Posted 21-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
THere will be guided tours at UNE for students and parents in December (7,11,13,14,18,20) and January (8,10,11,15,17,18,22,24,25) visiting the colleges and the uni facilities. You need to book on 1800818865.
For more information, visit www.une.edu.au

Lots of money
School Matters: Posted 21-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Mrs Forrest in the office has quite a lot of money from the sale of textbooks. She asks that Year 12 students ring the school (67610800) and ask to speak to her to see if there is money for you rather than coming in and being disappointed. You can also send a younger brother or sister to the office and I suggest you send a note with them giving them your permission to collect it.

Apprenticeships and jobs
Job vacancies: Posted 21-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Do you like mechanical things, good with your hands, can do heavy lifting, show initiative and are good at problem solving? There is a local firm looking at employing an apprentice refrigeration mechanic - servicing and repairing refrigeration, air conditionaing, ice machines etc. This is a great opportunity. If you want more details about the job and who to contact, please email me or ring me at school next Monday (26th Nov). There is also an advertised job in the NDL at the Shoppingworld newsagency which would suit a student deferring uni.

Alternative Pathways into Law
Universities: Posted 19-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you get a UAI of at least 66, but don't get into the law course of your choice there is an option with the Diploma in Law course. Remember this in Dec & January and contact me for details.

Women's College at Sydney Uni
Accommodation: Posted 19-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
A magazine and DVD have arrived from Women's College and is worth checking if you want accommodation at uni in Sydney.
For more information, visit www.thewomenscollege.com.au

St Johns College at Sydney Uni
Accommodation: Posted 19-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
St Johns is co-ed and has sent me a DVD for students and parents to look at together with an invitation for you to visit the college.
For more information, visit www.stjohnscollege.usyd.edu.au

New UNE Engineering Course
Universities: Posted 19-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
The University of New England has developed a new course
in civil / environmental engineering - Bachelor of Engineering
Technology (majoring in Civil or Environmental engineering). The course is open to students next year and offers a choice of Full Time (3 years) or Part Time (6 years) study modes. The course is very well placed to fill the skills gap in civil and environmental engineering in regional Australia, and allows
students to study while they work (if they wish). It is also suited to mature age students wishing to study engineering.
UNE has teamed up with the University of Southern
Queensland on a cross institutional basis to provide some of thesubjects. Both universities are leaders in providing distanceeducation. Options are available to students to discontinue the courseearly with a Diploma / Advanced Diploma in the Sciences, or undertake additional studies to obtain a Degree in engineering. The course development has been supported by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia and the Institution of Engineers Australia. See website for details.
For more information, visit www.une.edu.au/courses/2008/courses/BET

Year 12s with overdue library items
School Matters: Posted 19-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
According to library records, the following students still have library items out in their name: Adam Bennett, Ben Cai, Anne-Maree Maunder, Sammy Bowen, Carla Bruno, Steven Green, Maree Kilroy, Jessica Goodwin. Please arrange for them to be returned to the school or paid for if they are lost.

Reminder about RSA and RCG courses
School Matters: Posted 19-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
They will be held this week in A4 starting at 3.15. Bring your pen and your tea/snacks. RSA: Tuesday 20th and RCG: Wed 21st November.

Year 12 Graduation
School Matters: Posted 9-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
I would like to wish you and all your classmates a wonderful time at your grad. Unfortunately I will not be there as I will be in Sydney doing HSC marking for Modern History for 8 days. Have a great time and keep reading your emails from me. I know there is one coming up that will have details of a new traineeship suited for Year 12. Have fun and stay safe. From Mrs Barrett

Library overdues - 12 students
School Matters: Posted 9-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Are you one of the students of the class of 2007 who has library books still out? Please return them this week to save the library staff having to contact you personally about this. Thanks for your help in this.

Law Bursary
Scholarships: Posted 9-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
A reminder has come from Everingham Solomons about the law bursary they offer. Closing date is end of November. Contact me for details.

UTAS course in plant science& scholarships
Universities: Posted 9-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
UTAS Information
The University of Tasmania has been sending me some interesting info lately. They have sent me a Plant Science CD for students who would be interested in pursuing a university course based on Life Sciences. A/Prof Anthony Koutoulis points out that The School of Plant Sciences has international recognition for teaching and research in physiological and forest genetics, evolution and ecology of the Australian flora and aquatic botany, including introduced marine pests. Definitely worth checking out the website A/Prof Koutoulis also points out that UTAS is a real option for students from mainland Australia, with less expensive accommodation and access to some of the best wilderness and natural resources in the country. There are also scholarships on offer at UTAS in the Earth Sciences field, ranging from $3000 to $20000 per year.

For more information, visit www.utas.edu.au/plantsci/

SIBT: uni option for UAIs less than 63
Private Colleges: Posted 9-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT) provides opportunities for both Australian and International students seeking an alternative entry to University studies. Located on the Macquarie University campus in North Ryde, SIBT offers Diploma courses that include the first year Macquarie University units. Therefore, upon successful completion students can directly enter into 2nd year of Macquarie Degree programs. Students can graduate with a Diploma and a Degree within 3 years. SIBT offers Diplomas in the areas of Arts, Business Administration, Commerce, Communication and Computing. Students require a minimum UAI of 63 to enter these programs. Students who receive a UAI of less than 63 but who still wish to pursue University studies can commence the Foundation program at SIBT and then progress to the Diploma. All programs at SIBT are offered with a maximum lecture size of 50 students and additional academic and study support is provided. SIBT students also have access to the facilities offered by Macquarie University. To learn more about the SIBT courses and the degrees that students can progress into at Macquarie University, contact Melissa Skeers on 02 9850 6228 or refer to teh website.

For more information, visit www.sibt.nsw.edu.au

ACU Change of Preference & campus tours
Universities: Posted 9-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline

During the coming Change of Preference period Australian Catholic University will be offering future students and their parents and friends, several opportunities to engage with the university and have any of their questions answered. They will be offering future students the following services: Personalised Campus Tours: Students can meet with relevant academic staff, learn more about courses and discover what ACU National has to offer. Personalised campus tours can be booked by emailing campustours@acu.edu.au Students can find additional information via the website below, The ACU National Change of Preference Helpline, 1300 ASK ACU, will be operating from November 1st or alternatively emails can be sent to futurestudents@acu.edu.au Operating times for the Change of Preference period are from the 17th of December until noon 24th December.
For more information, visit www.acu.edu.au/cop

Trade skills for sportsmen
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 9-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
A new initiative to give sportsmen an apprenticeship for life after sport has been launced. Details are at the website beolw
For more information, visit www.liberal.org.au/team/andrewrobb/documents/02112007LifeafterSportTradeSkills.pdf

HSC General Maths textbooks and others wanted
School Matters: Posted 9-11-07 Deadline - No Deadline
There are buyers waiting for these books in particular and others. Please bring them in as soon as you can. Remember that we are accepting only textbooks for 2008 and study guides.

UNE scholarship for 2008 ** UNGENT NOTICE
Scholarships: Posted 31-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are intending going to UNE in 2008 and not deferring, please ring me at school on 67610815 or email me back immediately today or tomorrow. If this doesn't apply to you, tell a friend that you think might be interested immediately. This is an urgent request with another immediate deadline.

UNSW in 2008 - scholarship URGENT NOTICE
Scholarships: Posted 31-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are intending going to UNSW in 2008 and not deferring, please ring me at school on 67610815 or email me back immediately today or tomorrow. If this doesn't apply to you, tell a friend that you think might be interested immediately. This is an urgent request with a deadline.

RSA and RCG - Very Important message
School Matters: Posted 30-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are intending to do either or both courses, please bring your money in by Friday 9th November. If there are not enough people who have paid by then, I may have to cancel the course rather than run it at a loss. These are good qualifications to have to help you get part time work now and in the future. Please tell your friends and get organised. Courses:RSA Tuesday 20th November 3.15 9.00 Cost:$70
RCG Wednesday 21st November 3.15 9.00 Cost $70

Apprenticeships Available away from Tamworth
Job vacancies: Posted 30-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
The Australian Public Service is offering a great opportunity to start an exciting career in ICT. The APS wants high school qualified people to work as apprentices in Australian Government agencies. Public information sessions will be held in November. For more information contact ICT_Apprenticeship@finance.gov.au or visit the ICT Skills website at www.agimo.gov.au/government/ict_skills/apprenticeships_2008. TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute Job Placement says the following apprenticeships are also available: 1) Apprentice Chef 1st Year - 1st Year Apprentice chef required at Club Menai. To arrange an interview please call: 95321800 or email hrmanager@icc.org.au 2) Hairdressing Apprentice required either 1st, 2nd or 3rd year - Small friendly salon at Rockdale requires a Hairdressing apprentice who is in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year. Please contact Nada on 9599 6126. 3) Sign Maker - We are looking to employ a 1st - 3rd year, Drivers licence required, Vehicle signage + wraps, Digital printing, On site installs and use of various signage & graphic programs. Please contact Hybrid Signs, Phone: 9905 1723, Email: trevor@hybridsigns.com 4) 1st or 2nd Year Apprentice/Trainee - A Growing Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation Company based at North Rocks, NSW has a vacancy available for A Full time Position 1st or 2nd Year Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Apprentice or trainee. To apply, please send resume to provent@bigpond.com or Fax 02 9630 9964 or Phone 02 9630 9994.

The ASMA Medical School Guide
Universities: Posted 30-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
The Australian Medical Student's Association (AMSA) has a new publication - The ASMA Medical School Guide. It contains two main sections - one relating to the principles of entry to medicine, and the other about individual universities. The guide is currently available for free download from their website at
For more information, visit www..amsa.org.au/docs/MedSchoolGuide.pdf

Cultural Care Au Pair - GAP year option
Career Choice: Posted 30-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
THis is a cultural exchange program owned by EF Education, which is a global market leader in cultural exchange. At
Cultural Care Au Pair we offer young people aged 18 - 26 the opportunity to work and travel to the USA as an au pair. This is a great option for anyone who loves children and who wants to work and travel in a safe, family orientated environment. If you would like more information please contact us on 1800 677 373.
For more information, visit www.culturalcare.com.au

UNSW Undergrad guide 2008
Universities: Posted 30-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
A good detailed guide to courses and what UNSW has to offer.
For more information, visit www.unsw.edu.au

Pharmacy scholarships: 30 worth $10K each
Scholarships: Posted 30-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
A Rural Pharmacy promotion is on at the moment with great scholarships. Check the website or ring Angela Brown on 0262701888.
For more information, visit www.ruralpharmacy.com.au

Business Cadetships Australia program for 2009
Career Choice: Posted 30-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Students starting their HSC and doing Business Studies may be interested in this fi they want a career in business.
For more information, visit www.businesscadetships.com.au

Job vacancies
Job vacancies: Posted 30-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Traineeships: New England Credit Union, childcare (must be 18 and have not done a TAFE Cert III), Other jobs are for: office assistant, sales, pharmacy assistant. Out of town traineeships and apprenticeships are being advertised for Moree, Inverell and Glen Innes.

Tamworth TAFE Open Day THursday 1st Nov
TAFE: Posted 30-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Demonstrations, displays and campus tours: 1 - 4 pm include a sausage sizzle.
For more information, visit www.tafensw.edu.au

RTA traineeships
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 25-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Civil construction traineeship (4 positions) available in Western and South Western Sydney. See me for details

Indigenous Sport and Recreation Traineeship
Job vacancies: Posted 25-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you or someone who know may be interested in this, please pass it on: Indigenous Sport and Recreation Traineeship position is available in Tamworth. The position is an entry level position and would suit a current year 12 leaver. Duties would include assisting with organising and facilitating the administration of a variety of community based sport and recreation programs. Applicant would need to have some computer skills, good communication skills, an ability to work in a team environment and be self motivated. Current drivers licence an advantage. Applicant would need to prove aboriginality. Wage according to National Training Wage Award. Applications close on 31 October 2007 and should be emailed to amclauchlain@austrg.com.au or posted to Ann McLauchlain, Australian Training Company, PO Box 3165, North Strathfield 2137. For further information call Ann McLauchlain on (02) 97041500.

Sale of Year 12 Studies of Religion textbooks
School Matters: Posted 24-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
It has been decided that the RE department will buy 50 copies of textbook by Mudge that are in good condition for $20. If you are one of the first 50 students to take your RE textbook to Mrs Forrest in the office, you will receive $20 if it is in good condition. No copies will be accepted in the library for re-sale as it is not a required textbook for 2008. Your other option is to sell your textbook privately to an incoming Year 12 student who may want it as an additional resource.

Sales of second hand text books and study guides
School Matters: Posted 23-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
The library will only be accepting texts being studied in 2008 plus relevent study guides. Prices will be set at $5, $10, $15 and $20 dollars with a maximum price of $25. If you wish to sell anything for more than $25, you may do so privately and not go through the library. Bring your books in and pencil inside it your name and a contact phone number please. We want to sell books and have a quick turnover instead of books left on shelves because they were overpriced.

RSA and RCG now open to Year 11
School Matters: Posted 23-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
I have opened this up to Year 11 students, so get your money in if you want to do the courses (and there were a lot of hands up when I asked in your year meeting about this but not many have paid yet). See previous Careers Alerts for details (eg search the Alerts section of the website).
For more information, visit www.mccarthy.careersalert.com

JMC academy scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 23-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Closing date is 9 November. I have a copy of the application.
For more information, visit www.jmcacademy.edu.au

New Newcastle Uni Maths BONUS scheme
Universities: Posted 23-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Newcastle Uni will give up to 4 additional UAI points to students applying to enter the bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering programs or combined programs including one of these courses. Students who study 2 unit Mathematics and get a Band 5-6 in the HSC get 2 bonus UAI pts. if you do Maths Ext 1 and get band 3-4 you get 4 bonus points and if you do maths Ext 2, you get 4 bonus points. These points are in addition to the 4 bonus UAI points you get for being a regional student. This only applies to applicants doing the USC in 2007.
For more information, visit www.newcstle.edu.au

Interested in IT AND Business?
Scholarships: Posted 23-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
QUT offer a new Bachelor of Corporate Systems Management. Course details and scholarship info available.
For more information, visit newIT.qut.com

QUT scholarships for high achievers
Scholarships: Posted 23-10-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Worth $5000 a year and closing date is 30 Nov 2007 for students who think they will get a UAI of 92+.
For more information, visit scholarships.qut.com

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