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WHS White card courses - vital for construction
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 23-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
If you want to get an apprenticeship or do work experience that involves a construction site like a new house, legally you MUST have this. Courses are offered at the Community College and TAFE. http://www.tamworth.nsw.edu.au/products/Compliance%2FOH%26S%20Construction%20Induction%20-%20White%20Card/OR http://www.tne.edu.au/Courses/CourseDetails?mode=brochure&cid=563-10006V01
For more information, visit www.tamworth.nsw.edu.au/products/Compliance%2FOH%26S%20Construction%20Induction%20-%20White%2

$2000 scholarships to UNE and UON
Scholarships: Posted 23-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Are there any other students who would like to apply??? Please email your name to me and which university. Newcastle or UNE absolutely MUST be your first preference of university to attend.

Mrs Barrett will be away 24 Sept-15 October
General: Posted 22-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
IF you need career related help or advice you will need to contact the university or organisation directly in my absence. Good luck Year 12.

Several page update of events, scholarships etc
General: Posted 22-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Please open the attachment.
21 September 2016 Master.docx

Verified UOW documents are ready.
Universities: Posted 21-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline

UAC Equity Scholarships - are you eligible???
Scholarships: Posted 21-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Equity Scholarships (ES) help financially disadvantaged students with the general costs associated with tertiary study. Equity Scholarships are awarded to students from low socio-economic backgrounds, particularly those who receive Centrelink income support payments such as ABSTUDY, Austudy, Youth Allowance, Newstart Allowance, Disability Support Pension, Parenting Payment (Single) or the Carer Payment. Check it out and move quickly.
For more information, visit www.uac.edu.au/equity/

2017 ANU Accommodation applications are now open
Accommodation: Posted 21-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Applications for ANU Accommodation are now open and will close at 7.30am 6 January 2017. Students must apply separately for accommodation, and providing they meet the Accommodation Guarantee criteria, will be offered a place in residence following an academic offer. One application covers all residences, there is no cost to apply and are obligation free, so even if you are only thinking about coming to ANU they suggest they submit an application.

For more information, visit www.anu.edu.au/study/accommodation/

Music auditions at WSU
Universities: Posted 21-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Western Sydney University is a world-class University with growing international reach, and a reputation for academic excellence and impact-driven research. For more than two decades, Music at Western Sydney University has been leading the way with a cutting-edge curriculum designed to inspire graduates to become creative, outstanding musicians. Students will experience purpose-built, world-class music facilities, high calibre teaching staff with international reputations, and musical training that successfully integrates academic studies with practical skill development in performance, composition and sound technologies. Many of our graduates achieve international recognition in composition, song-writing and performance, winning prestigious awards in festivals world-wide. Unlike other degrees at Western Sydney University that require an ATAR, admission into the Bachelor of Music is based on an audition.
For more information, visit apps.westernsydney.edu.au/admissions/aib/

Universities: Posted 21-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
So, you’re interested in studying science, medical sciences or human sciences? On Tuesday 27 September Macquarie Uni is opening the doors to Year 11 and 12 students who are keen study – and carve out a career – in one of these exciting fields. It’s all about you getting a taste of what a day in the life of a Macquarie science, medical science or human sciences student is really like.
For more information, visit www.mq.edu.au/about/events/view/taster-day-science-medical-and-human-sciences/

Selecting preferences - advice
Universities: Posted 21-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Copy and paste this link: http://www.gooduniversitiesguide.com.au/Latest-news/Getting-into-university/The-uni-preferences-selection-process?mc_cid=95f184762a&mc_eid=6a2badb2c8#.V-IQi_n5iUl
For more information, visit www.gooduniversitiesguide.com.au/Latest-news/Getting-into-university/Uni-myths-debunked-onlin

The University of Sydney: Sydney Scholars Awards
Scholarships: Posted 21-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The University of Sydney: Sydney Scholars Awards, closing soon
Applications close Friday 30 September 2016. The Sydney Scholars Awards offer Year 12 students commencing studies in 2017 the opportunity to apply for scholarships ranging from $6,000 to $10,000 in value, for up to 5 years of study. Applicants must be currently in year 12, and the scholarship can be deferred for up to one year. Students will be assessed based on their academic achievements, extra-curricular involvement, and future aspirations.

For more information, visit sydney.edu.au/scholarships/prospective/sydney_scholars_program

Gap years and scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 21-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Some universities will allow you to apply for scholarships in 2017 ready to start in 2018 but others only accept scholarship applications from current Year 12 students so you would need to apply now and then defer your scholarship as well as your course. Consider the scholarships that you would like to apply for and contact the institutions to ask if you need to apply this year or next. Check out the JobJump link to scholarships.

Gap years and deferring uni
Universities: Posted 21-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Gap Year – Applying for Uni – Scholarships. Students planning on taking a gap year SHOULD apply for university this year and if accepted into a course they can then apply for deferment for 12 months. Here is information on deferment.:, http://www.uac.edu.au/undergraduate/offers/defer.shtml, http://www.vtac.edu.au/courses-inst/institutions/deferment.html, http://www.qtac.edu.au/applications/apply-here/offers/deferment

For more information, visit www.uac.edu.au/undergraduate/offers/defer.shtml

Gap year job for 2017 in a medical admin role
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 21-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
A local medical facility is wishing to employ a gap year student for 12 months and provide them with a Certificate 3 in Business Admin traineeship. If you want more details and wish to apply, please email me before Friday 3pm.

Teaching scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 21-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The future teacher scholarships and cadetships have been extended and will now close on Friday 23 September at 11:59pm.
For more information, visit https://www.teach.nsw.edu.au/getpaidtostudy

Collection of Wollongong Verification reports
Early Entry schemes: Posted 15-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
A reminder that these are to be collected at lunchtime on Friday from the Careers Room along with a sheet of interview tips and another booklet for you.

Scholarship $60,000
Scholarships: Posted 15-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The 2017 C.A.S. Hawker Scholarships open on Monday 5th December and close on Friday 6th January 2017. C.A.S. Hawker Scholarships are one of the most generous privately funded scholarships available to undergraduate students in Australia. Each residential scholarship is valued at up to $60,000 over three years. The Charles Hawker Scholarship perpetuates the memory of scholar, soldier and pastoralist Charles Allan Seymour Hawker and commemorates the achievements of one of Australia’s most respected statesmen. The scholarships are available to all Australian students. The majority have been awarded to students entering their first year of university study. Selection is largely based on personal qualities and demonstrated leadership as well as academic ability. Undergraduate Hawker Scholars are able to attend a range of Australian educational institutions.

For more information, visit www.hawkerscholarship.org

ATARs for dietetics
Universities: Posted 15-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Please read for details.
For more information, visit https://www.myhealthcareer.com.au/dietetics/dietitian-atar-2016

Want to do an environmental science course? $1000
Scholarships: Posted 14-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
A $1000 scholarship is available to a Tamworth student who is wishing to do Environmental Science at university. See Mrs Barrett please.

$2000 UNE scholarship - applications sought
Scholarships: Posted 14-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
If UNE is where you want to go and is your first preference, please let Mrs Barrett know via email that you would like to be considered as an applicant. You must be willing to commence university in 2017 and NOT take a gap year if you are the successful applicant.

Wollongong Uni IMPORTANT NEWS - Verification
Early Entry schemes: Posted 14-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
If you submitted sheets for verification, they must be collected from Mrs Barrett in the Careers Room during lunchtime on Friday 16th Sept along with a note with tips to help you in the interview. The sheets and your Trial HSC report must be among the documents you provide on the day. If you are doing a Skype interview, you will need to follow instructions on this.

Equity Bursaries
Scholarships: Posted 14-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Many universities including ACU award ACU Equity Bursaries to commencing students each year. These bursaries are intended to financially assist students from low socio-economic backgrounds and are a one-off payment of $2,000. Closing date: 6th January 2017.

For more information, visit www.acu.edu.au/study_at_acu/courses/scholarships_and_financial_support/

Careers in Psychology
Career Choice: Posted 14-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Careers in Psychology

For more information, visit www.psychology.org.au/studentHQ/careers-in-psychology/

The Good Universities Guide 2017
Universities: Posted 14-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The 2017 edition of The Good Universities Guide was released last month and features comprehensive information about Australian higher education providers and their courses, and new five-star performance ratings. Copies are in the Careers Room. The Guide has a list of questions and answers for year 12 students if they’re still considering their options about tertiary study.

For more information, visit www.gooduniversitiesguide.com.au/Support-Centre/Where-do-I-start/I-am-finishing-schoo

Top tips for applying for scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 14-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Excellent advice from a uni student which applies to any university.

For more information, visit www.usq.edu.au/socialhub/uni-lifestyle/2015/10/elli-scholarship-applications

Gap year job for 2017
Gap year: Posted 14-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
A local accounting firm plan to employ another MCC graduate again in 2017. If any current year 12 students will be looking for work in 2017 in their gap year, please see Mrs Barrett on Friday at the start of lunchtime in the Careers Room.

HSC Live Facebook Q&As - revise from Tamworth
HSC: Posted 14-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The HSC is only a few weeks away for Year 12 students. And we're here to help with our HSC Live Facebook Q&As this October. We've organised for two Senior HSC Markers and Teachers to be online across 6 nights for several subjects. Details on McCarthy Catholic College Tamworth Careers on Facebook.

Next early entry scheme is now open.
Early Entry schemes: Posted 14-9-16 Deadline - 17-10-16
ACU: our Early Achievers' Program applications are now open At ACU, we believe that students should be recognised for their contribution and leadership potential, and this is why we grant them status as Early Achievers. One of the biggest benefits of this program is that successful applicants receive an offer well ahead of the usual tertiary admissions announcements. Applications are now open for ACU's EAP and Close - Monday 17 October.
For more information, visit www.acu.edu.au/eap

Christmas holiday jobs
Job vacancies: Posted 14-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Many national companies are now advertising on Indeed for Christmas workers and casuals. If you have not subscribed to Indeed to get listings of full and part time jobs In Tamworth in areas of interest to you, you should do it now. Put in your NON-SCHOOL email address.
For more information, visit au.indeed.com/jobs?q=&l=Tamworth+NSW

Wollongong Uni IMPORTANT NEWS - Verification
Early Entry schemes: Posted 8-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Today and tomorrow various faculties will begin emailing students to advise if you have been successful in progressing to the interview stage or unsuccessful. Please follow the instructions in the email carefully. VERIFICATION of your academic results is required for interview. If you are in this situation, please print the sheets for each interview and take them to the Careers Room in the Library. There is a box there for you to put them in. Please do this BEFORE 3pm Tuesday 13th. I will arrange for them to be checked, signed and stamped. They will be returned to you by Friday 16th September. It is VITAL THAT YOU MEET THIS DEADLINE if you want it signed- caps are deliberate for emphasis!!! Please do not give to the Front Office or any staff member to do. Thank you.

New and cancelled university courses through UAC
UAC: Posted 8-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
There is list of 2 pages of courses that were in the UAC book and that have been cancelled and lots of new ones added by universities that were also not in the book. Please check the attachment from UAC to see if you are affected or there is a new and better option out there for you.
UAC new and cancelled courses.pdf

MCC Careers newsletter - 4 pages of info
General: Posted 8-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Please read re - uni, college and TAFE info.
MCC careers news 8 9.docx

Students applying to SRS and STAR - different date
Universities: Posted 6-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Would all students who have submitted please follow the instructions emailed to you regarding submitting your resume according to university expectations and filling in the Google Survey before MONDAY 12th Sept at 9am. Update the Google Survey if you add or change UAC preferences please.

Year 12 sample resumes for university
Universities: Posted 6-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Please look at what the universities look for regarding scholarships, accommodation and all applications.
Year 12 resumes for university.pdf

IMPORTANT: early entry applications to UNE
Early Entry schemes: Posted 5-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Would all students who have submitted please follow the instructions emailed to you regarding submitting your resume according to university expectations and filling in the Google Survey before Wednesday 7th Sept at 9am.

For more information, visit https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oAEBAJnweWcv_cUQVSYdOjp8ZFOt0EeiMTLIUT5SEwQ

Seven pages of Career information
General: Posted 4-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Courses, scholarships, jobs, open days etc etc.
MCC Careers News mhs.docx

MY UAC free app
UAC: Posted 2-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Have you downloaded this yet???

QTAC's inaugural Facebook Open Day
Universities: Posted 2-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
QTAC's inaugural Facebook Open Day - only 2 weeks away! On 15 September between 9am and 6pm, make the most of the direct access you'll have to QTAC institutions. Their staff will be available to answer all of your tertiary study questions. Simply like QTAC on Facebook and you'll be able to take part.
For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/qtacinfo

First-Year Apprentice Chef at Hopscotch Restaurant
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 2-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Hopscotch sent this: our Restaurant & Bar brings family and friends together to enjoy great food and drinks in a welcoming environment. We offer a contemporary dining experience with modern Australian cuisine, and we pride ourselves in providing a high standard of service. Our strikingly designed, custom-built venue is located within the national award-winning Tamworth Regional Playground in Bicentennial Park, between the Peel River and the CBD. Hopscotch serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week, and dinner five nights a week. It also has a kiosk serving visitors to the park. This job as a 1st Year Apprentice Chef would suit a school-age junior or a recent school leaver. You will be required to commit to and complete your TAFE course, while also working 38 hours a week across five rostered days. Must be available to work on a rotating roster that includes nights and weekends. A successful applicant will possess a passion for cooking, be self-motivated and have the ability to work in a diverse team environment. You'll also have a strong work ethic and an eagerness to learn. Previous experience working in commercial kitchens is desirable but not required. Having your own transport is desirable but not required. To apply contact: Jay Lynch
Owner, Hopscotch Restaurant & Bar. Ph: 0410 440 545

ATTENTION: UNE applicants
Early Entry schemes: Posted 2-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
There are 16 students who have begun the process of applying to UNE Direct Entry Applications but have not fully completed this. Please check that you have done so if you have applied. Without completing the process, the school cannot evaluate your application.

Help with SRS #### IMPORTANT
Early Entry schemes: Posted 2-9-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Please download this booklet and read it BEFORE applying. Then apply online here.
For more information, visit www.uac.edu.au/srs/apply/

Pathways to uni while working in Tamworth
Career Choice: Posted 31-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
There are several study options including a scholarship available to students interested in some kind of career in business. Please see Mrs Barrett in the Careers Room at 12.45 on Friday

Becoming an Architect
Career Choice: Posted 31-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Architects are professionally trained designers who work on buildings and the built environment. They combine creative design with a wide range of technical knowledge to provide integrated solutions for built and natural environments.
For more information, visit www.architecture.com.au/architecture/national/becoming-an-architect

My Health Career: ATARS for Exercise Science
Career Choice: Posted 31-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
ATARs and scholarships for every Exercise Science course in Australia:

For more information, visit https://www.myhealthcareer.com.au/exercise+science/exercise+science-atar

Engineering Scholarship Program for girls
Scholarships: Posted 31-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Brown Consulting: Engineering Scholarship Program for Year 12 Girls . Applications open October. Brown Consulting is offering paid work experience, financial assistance ($1,500 to $3,000 per year), a graduation bonus ($3,500 per year for two years) and mentoring and training to women who are considering studying engineering at university. Positions are available in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Rockhampton, Sydney, and the Sunshine Coast.
Contact: (07) 3895 3444

For more information, visit www.calibreconsulting.co/careers/teams/start-your-career/dream-big

William Angliss Institute Open Day
Open Days: Posted 31-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Reminder that open day in Sydney will be held on the 10th September 2016, 10am to 2pm https://www.angliss.edu.au/sydopenday

For more information, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIQ4biOszHA&feature=youtu.be

JMC Academy Information Session
Career Choice: Posted 31-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Thursday 29th September 2016, 6:00pm 561 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW 2007 http://www.jmcacademy.edu.au/events/information-sessions/jmc-academy-information-sessions

For more information, visit www.jmcacademy.edu.au/events/information-sessions/jmc-academy-information-sessions

UNSW Aviation 2 day course
Career Choice: Posted 31-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
9.30am – 3.00pm, 29 & 30 September @ Chemical Sciences Mezzanine, UNSW. Aimed at secondary students interested in a career in the aviation industry. Cost: $20. Apply by 15 September. https://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=213624

For more information, visit https://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=213624

Defence Civilian Undergraduate Sponsorship
Scholarships: Posted 31-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Open to aspiring university students who wish to pursue a degree through the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). There are no military service obligations or requirements. This is a sponsorship for civilian students. Applications close: 15 September 2016. Contact: student.opportunities@defence.gov.au or call (02) 6127 3103.
The degree disciplines available in 2017 are: Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Aeronautical and Civil) & Computing and Cyber Security. Eligible applicants will have the full tuition costs of their degree covered by the sponsorship agreement and receive a generous annual bursary to cover the cost of text books and equipment. During the sponsorship students may have the opportunity to participate in paid work placements within Defence which will provide exciting opportunities and give an insight into how one of Australia’s largest organisations conducts its business.

For more information, visit www.defence.gov.au/casg/Careers/StudentsandGraduates/UndergraduateSponsorship/

Central Queensland University Open Days
Open Days: Posted 31-8-16 Deadline - No Deadline
7th September, 6pm to 8pm, 400 Kent St Sydney
This will provide information on the courses available on campus or by distance, as well as the chance to meet expert staff. To register for the evening follow the link below.

For more information, visit https://www.cqu.edu.au/campaigns/opendays/

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