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Money can be collected by...
School Matters: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Sales of second hand textbooks have resulted in money sitting in the front office to be collected by (surnames) : Aceti, Armanno, Armstrong, Begley, Blanch, Bourke, Campbell, Chapman, Collins, Deboos, Denton, Donaldson, Eggleston, Frew, Gleeson, Goodridge, Harrison, Hatfield, Hine, Honeyman, Hopkins, Howell, Keith, Kennedy, Kerklaan, Kumfor, Lang, LeBrocq, Lowe, McCarter, McCulloch, Merry, Newman, Perkins, Phipps, Russell, Shaw, Slattery, Sonerson, Sundavaveu, Van Aanhalt, Whale, Williams. If you have a younger brother or sister you can ask them to sign and collect the money on your behalf. If you see any of these people, please tell them to collect their money.

Blue Mountains Hotel School courses
Private Colleges: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
From January 2007, the BMHS degree will become a Bachelor of Business degree quality assured by The University of Queensland. BMHS also announce that they will be offering a 2.5 year culinary extension (Certificate III Commercial Cookery), for students who enroll in the three year Bachelor of Business degree. The course is offered over five semesters: semesters 1, 3 and 5 are residential study semesters and semester 2 and 4 are paid work placements. In the first internship (semester 2) the student will complete a minimum of 800 kitchen hours and earn a wage as a full time employee. An additional 180 hours of practical kitchen work will be undertaken over the length of the course in the BMHS kitchens, totalling over 900 hours of practical work. In semester 4 students will complete their second internship totalling 800 industry hours. Students requesting more information can call Maree Burns Area Manager NSW & ACT on 02 9437 0300 or email mburns@hotelschool.com.au for an information pack.

Australian Catholic University
Universities: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
This year ACU National is developing a dynamic Change of Preference (COP) campaign. A Change of Preference Information Evening will be in North Sydney this will be on Monday December 4 at 5.30pm. In Strathfield this will be on Tuesday December 5 at 5.30pm.

For more information, visit www.acu.edu.au/2007

Young Endeavour
Career Choice: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The Young Endeavour Youth Scheme is a structured training program for young Australians imparting not only the technical skills required to sail but more importantly skills that will enable youth crew to navigate challenges in their adult life such as teamwork, communication, leadership and motivation. Over the course of a 5-11 day voyage, youth crew learn all aspects of sailing a tall ship on the open sea including climbing the 30m mast, setting sails, navigating, keeping watch and taking the helm.Applications to be part of a Young Endeavour voyage can be made online at www.youngendeavour.gov.au. Applicants need to be Australian citizens or permanent residents, aged 16 to 23 on the day of departure of the voyage, able to swim 50 metres and be in good health. No sailing experience is required. Youth Crew members are selected via a random ballot. For further details contact: Amy Osborne, Marketing Manager, Young Endeavour Youth Scheme 1800 020 444, email amy.osborne@defence..gov.au

For more information, visit www.youngendeavour.gov.au

RSA & RCG certificates
School Matters: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The RSA & RCG certificates will be posted later this week (approx 7th Dec) so I will send an email when they arrive. I will also mention it on the notices at school for the current Year 11s.

Still want more textbooks
School Matters: Posted 23-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
We have a lot of enquiries for Outcomes 2 and HSC General Maths textbooks. You are guaranteed a quick sale.

What to do with early offers at UNE
Universities: Posted 23-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
If you really want to do the course you have been accepted into at UNE, make it your first preference and leave it that way so you get an Early Round offer. If you are hedging your bets and want to see if you get a UAI that will enable you to do another course, you can make the UNE course your first preference now to get an Early Round offer and then change your preferences from mid December to hopefully get your first choice in the Main Round offers on 17th January. Therefore it is possible to get two offers. You may run the risk of missing out on a course if you get a low UAI and juggle your offers incorrectly. To be sure of your course of action, I suggest you ring the University concerned and/or UAC to check.

University course costs
Universities: Posted 22-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The goverment in its wisdom has chosen now to send out to schools booklets on FEE-HELP and HECS-HELP. These booklets tell you all you need to know if you get into a Commonwealth Supported Place or choose a fee paying course. Please see me if you would like a copy to read through to know the financial implications.

Survey Technician job- deferring or wanting a job?
Job vacancies: Posted 22-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
I have been contacted today about a position for a Survey Technician with a local firm. You would be doing field work using GPS and other equipment, assisting with field surveys and can combine this with study at TAFE or Uni. It would suit someone looking for a fulltime job in Tamworth or someone wanting to do Surveying or Engineering at university but also wanting to defer for a year. Please ring me at school on 67610815 before 2pm on Thursday or email me if you are interested and want the contact details.

Traineeships in Dental Assisting in Sydney
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 20-11-06 Deadline - 8-12-06
HCF is offering a number of exciting opportunities for enthusiastic self-starters eager to develop careers in dental assisting. The traineeship program will be commencing in February 2007 for a period of 18 months. This program provides an excellent opportunity to gain practical work experience while completing the well recognized Certificate III in Dental Assisting. HCF is looking for well presented, customer focused and motivated individuals who have at a minimum completed their school certificate to work in one of their 7 dental centres: CBD, Brookvale, Chatswood, Hurstville, Bondi, Blacktown and Parramatta. For full details of the benefits of working with a market leader, visit the website and to apply for a Traineeship position with HCF, visit . Enquiries: Joanne Newton (02) 9290 0452. Applications close 8 December 2006.
For more information, visit www.hcf.career.com.au

Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Entry 2007
Career Choice: Posted 20-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Opportunities exist for Air Force entry into ADFA in January 2007, into the following three specialisations: 1. Airfield Engineering Officer - As an Airfield Engineering Officer you will perform a broad range of engineering and military roles and hold significant responsibility. Using specialist military and technical civil engineering expertise you will be involved in management, delivery, assessment, maintenance, repair, regeneration and operation of the Air Force airfields, roads, buildings and engineering services. 2. Air Traffic Control Officer - RAAF Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a service established to provide safe and expeditious control of military and civil aircraft both in the air and on the movement areas of both military and some civil (or joint user) aerodromes in Australia. Additionally, an Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) could expect to operate from established or temporary (Contingency or Bare Base) airfields in both Australia and overseas. Recent operational overseas experiences include Sinai, Somalia, East Timor, Iraq, Solomon Islands, Banda Aceh (Indonesia) and Khartoum (Sudan). 3. Electronic / Electrical Engineers - Air operations depend on sound technical support. Aerospace Engineers and technical tradespeople provide that support by ensuring the airworthiness, operational readiness, availability, maintainability, reliability and integrity of RAAF technical equipment. Electronic/Electrical Engineers are responsible for airborne power generation and distribution, electronic/electrical control systems, instrument and navigation systems, automatic test equipment, communications, and radar and sonar equipment, heavy ground radar, ground telecommunication equipment and computer networks. Applications Required Now. Candidates must be available to attend testing and assessment during the period Dec 06 / Jan 07, and be prepared to enter ADFA on 24 Jan 07. Normal entry requirements apply. Call 13 19 01, or log onto our web site for details of the entry requirements.

For more information, visit www.defencejobs.gov.au

Everingham Solomons Law bursary
Scholarships: Posted 20-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
A reminder to Year 12s who wish to apply, please send a letter of application and your CV in ASAP. Contact me for details.

UNSW Info Day 07 and UNSW scholarships
Universities: Posted 20-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
THis will be held on Wed 3rd January form 9-4. Three will be lectures in various faculties and chances to ask questions about last minute changes to UAC preferences. There is a new scholarship website so check it out.
For more information, visit www.scholarships.unsw.edu.au

UNE Campus tours
Universities: Posted 20-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
UNE is offering campus tours for students and their parents on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Dec 5,7,8,12,14,15 and on January 9,11,12,16,18,19,23,25. Bookings are essential and you can ring 1800 818 865. It is a good opportunity to look around at uni and college facilties and ask questions.
For more information, visit www.une.edu.au

Job vacancies
Job vacancies: Posted 20-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
See the NDL for these jobs or contact me if you cannot get a copy of the paper: Apprentice ffloor & wall tiler, harvest crew (casual), saleyard assistant, BMW apprentice technician, apprenticeships and traineeships with Army Reserve, full time trainee in childcare, electrical apprentice, lab assistant for 8 weeks (no experience needed), hatchery assistant, poultry labourers, showroom sales person, turf farm hand.

RSA Tuesday and RCG Wednesday
School Matters: Posted 20-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
For those doing the course, please make sure you are here at school ready to start in A4 promptly at 3.15. Please bring a pen and a snack. Year 12s should check at the office to see if there is any textbook money for you to collect. You can also use this opportunity to return any library books and pay for newspapers as well.

SCU Star Entry Scheme
Universities: Posted 20-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Congratulations to students who have been notified of their acceptance into SCU. For the other students who applied, remember that you may still get into the course there that you wish based on your UAI and that there are other pathways to get into SCU if that is where you really want to go. If you are going to accept the offer, please follow instructions carefully. If this is not your first preference you can still accept the offer, and hope to get another one in the Main Round of offers in January. To do this, you need to check with SCU and with UAC how to do this successfully.

HSC Results, UAI released and results by SMS
School Matters: Posted 20-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The Board of Studies provides this information: Release of HSC Results to Students.The HSC results are available to students via the internet, SMS text message and automated telephone services from 6 am on Tuesday 19 December. Students will receive HSC results summaries in the mail on Thursday 21 December and their full credentials on Tuesday 16 January 2007. The pre-Christmas release of HSC results gives students more time to take advantage of career counselling and other support services before making decisions about university, TAFE and employment offers or other plans. The Internet Results Service. Students can access their HSC results on three Board of Studies websites from 6 am on Tuesday 19 December by typing in their student number and PIN at: www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au; or www.hscresults.nsw.edu.au; or www.hsc-results.nsw.edu.au There is no cost to students who use the website other than the charges applied by their internet service provider and/or the cost of the call. Release of results by SMS text message 1977 2346.Students who want to automatically receive their HSC results by SMS can pre-register for the SMS service by text-messaging their student number and PIN to 1977 2346. A return text message to the student confirms that they have registered for the service and the results will be sent to their mobile phone at approximately 6 am on 19 December. Students who do not pre-register can still get their results by SMS by messaging their student number and PIN to the service after 6 am on 19 December. Students should check that their phone is in credit, that they have Premium rate access on their phone, and that there is room for messages in their phone's inbox.
The SMS service charge is a flat rate of $1.10. The Telephone Results Service 1902 220 100. Students can access their HSC results from 6 am on Tuesday 19 December by using the automated telephone service. Students call 1902 220 100 and follow the voice prompts. They will be given information about the cost of the call and asked to enter their student number and PIN. To cover costs there is a charge of $1.65 per minute (mobiles and payphones will incur additional costs). A call usually lasts two to three minutes.

For more information, visit www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/bos_stats/hsc06_mediaguide.html#releasehscresults

Full time jobs available
Job vacancies: Posted 14-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
One job not in the paper is for a 16-18 year male to work in a butchery. Please contact me for details of this one. Other job vacancies recently advertised include: Childcare trainee, saleyard assistant, 1st year apprentice technician with BMW, sales position in a local hardware store, delivery drivers with Eagle Boys, Sales trainee in new vehicles etc. If you cannot find the details in the Northern Daily Leader, please contact me.

Nature Care College
Private Colleges: Posted 14-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Courses in natural medicine, therapies, counselling etc. FEE-HELP available for degree courses. Enrol from 16 November. Open Days are 25 Nov 2006 and 20 January 2007. They offer Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses eg reflexology, massage, herbal medicine, naturopathy, yoga etc etc
For more information, visit www.naturecare.com.au

New government careers website
Career Choice: Posted 14-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Check out the source website for young people aged 12-25 with a range of information and links.
For more information, visit thesource.gov.au

Second hand textbooks
School Matters: Posted 14-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Year 11s are anxiously awaiting copies of your textbooks, especially some Maths ones and Outcomes 2. Please bring them in now you are finished with them with your name, phone number and the price written or taped inside each book. Some students still have money to collect from the office.

Library books
School Matters: Posted 14-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Please please please return library books borrowed during the year preferably before Graduation or bring them to the grad practice to save library staff from having to ring you or write to you.

Accommodation in Newcastle
Accommodation: Posted 14-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Vinnies Lodge is self catering accommodation for students aged up to 25 attending Newcastle uni or TAFE and is located at Tighes Hill and is run by St Vincent de Paul society. Applications are currently being accpted. Please contact the Diocesan office on 49676277.

RSA & RCG Courses
School Matters: Posted 14-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
There is only 1 place left in the RSA course and 5 places left in the RCG course next week. Please pay at the front office ASAP to reserve your place. Courses start promptly at 3.15 each day. Bring pen, a drink and a snack.

Information Day at Sydney Uni
Universities: Posted 7-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
On 3rd January Sydney Uni will hold their Info Day to help you once you get your UAI. This is the day before final preferences must be made. Many universities will hold similar days so be prepared to travel to talk to advisers about your options if your UAI is higher or lower than you were hoping.

News from JMC Academy
Private Colleges: Posted 7-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
JMC will oopen a Brisbane campus in 2007. There are now 5 new Bachelor courses eg Popular Music and Performance or Business Management plus Creative Technology in Audio Engineering & Sound Production, Digital Animation and Digital tv production. You can now access C/wealth gov't Fee-Help loans as JMC is a registered Higher Education Provider. Ring 92124801 to make a booking for an interview for the March intakes. Short courses begin on 16th january. See the website for details.
For more information, visit www.jmcacademy.edu.au

More money for some Year 12s
School Matters: Posted 7-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Money from the sale of your textbooks can be collected from the front office by: Katie Slattery, Georgia Gulliford, Janika Armanno, Alicia Goodridge, Kyle O'Brien, Chantel Palmer, Courtney or Sarah Hopkins, Courtney Hine. Please tell these people if you see them and don't forget to bring your books in when you have finished with them.

Apprenticeships at Retorque
Job vacancies: Posted 7-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are interested in appprenticeships in Metal Fabrication or Fitting and Turning (Machinist) here in Tamworth you must first ring Mr Philp here at school on 67610800 and he will give you details on what you need to do. Please do not contact Retorque directly.

Recent jobs vacancies
Job vacancies: Posted 7-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
These include: personal trainers, swim instructors, group fitness instructors, real estate sales, Human Resoures Admin Trainee ( indigenous), Administrative Assistant traineeship with Joblink Plus (12 months), Sales Trainee - new vehicles, Apprentice Mechanic, Trainee manager (take away food), Administration Assistant. Contact me (email or phone the school) for details.

Money from textbook sales for 14 students
School Matters: Posted 3-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Could the following students please call in at the office to see Mrs Forrest and collect money from the sale of at least one of your textbooks: Katie Slattery, Chantelle Palmer, Janika Armanno, Georgia Gulliford, Hayley Newman, Lauren van aanholt, Tahlia Aceti, Alisa Sundarej, Kyle O'Brien, Katie Frew, Luke Fisher, Jess McCarter, Alicia Goodridge and Ashley Deboos. If you have a younger brother or sister at school, they may collect it for you if you send in a signed note saying that they are collecting your textbook money.

R u going to Newcastle Uni in 2007?
Universities: Posted 1-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
If you, or anyone you know, is intending to go to Newcastle Uni next year and not defer, please send me a brief email ASAP or ring me at school on 67610868. I would like to know by Friday 3pm if possible. Thanks.

St Patrick's Business College
Private Colleges: Posted 31-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Certificate and Diploma courses in business admin, marketing, hospitality and event management. No UAI needed. Austudy available. Student loan scheme also available.
For more information, visit www.stpatsbuscol.com.au

Australian Business Academy courses for 2007
Private Colleges: Posted 31-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The Academy offers courses in accounting, bus. admin, graphic design, IT, marketing, sport management, travel and tourism. Get your qualifications and start working or you can progress to uni if you wish. No UAI is needed. 1800 063 049. Campuses i Canberra, North Sydney and Parramatta.
For more information, visit www.aba.edu.au

Le Cordon Bleu 2007
Private Colleges: Posted 31-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The offer Bachelor of Business courses in International Hotel and Resource Management and in International Restaurant and Catering Management. Courses start in January and July each year.

For more information, visit www.lecordonbleu.com.au

CGC and SAE institute courses and open day
Private Colleges: Posted 31-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Computer Graphics COllege and SAE Institute offer courses in audio engineering, electronic music production, multimedia and web design, 3D animation, digital film production and graphic design. Open day is November 18 - campus tours, talks etc. The courses can lead to university qualifications if you wish. Visit websites at www.sae.edu.au and at www.cgc.com.au
For more information, visit www.sae.edu.au www.cgc.com.au

Sydney Film School
Private Colleges: Posted 31-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
If you want to work in TV or film production, the Sydney Film School offers diploma courses beginning 26 Feb 2007. Ring 9698 2244 or go to the website. Graduates may be eligible for advanced standing in second year of B Visual Arts of Uni of Sydney.
For more information, visit www.sydneyfilmschool.com

Green Corps Projects
Job vacancies: Posted 31-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
For anyone interested in the environment and working outdoors, Green Corps gives young people aged 17 to 20 the chance to work on exciting six month environment and heritage projects. Participants get paid an allowance and receive accredited training.GREEN CORPS IS NOW RECRUITING IN TAMWORTH. To join, call your local Job Futures Green Corps Office on 02 6761 2780.
For more information, visit greenfutures.com.au

Current job vacancies
Job vacancies: Posted 31-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Contact me for information about these jobs going at the moment: apprentice butcher, horseperson for Tamworth stud, waiting and bar staff at several places in Tamworth (Casual and fulltime positions), field assistant for a surveyor, poultry labourers, process workers, real estate salesperson, labourers for 5th November only (call 67623904), production engineering traineeship.

HSC Summer School for current Year 11s in January
School Matters: Posted 31-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Lectures in most HSC subjects will be held in January at Sydney Unii. Application forms are available with details of which subjects, the dates and the cost involved. You can also buy study packs of books if you cannot attend.

Sale of second hand text books
School Matters: Posted 31-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
A lot of Year 11s are already coming in looking for second hand textbooks so there is a ready market. Some subjects have changed textbooks so we won't need all your textbooks. Make sure your name, phone number and price are written INSIDE each book. Thank you.

ACTT Free acting workshops in November
Career Choice: Posted 31-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The workshops will provide information about careers and training options in the performing arts, and will be led by some of ACTT's most experienced industry tutors. Participants will get the opportunity to take part in an acting class, pick up audition tips, and have all their questions answered about the college and the performing arts industry in a fun and exciting atmosphere. If you are interested in studying ACTING, MUSIC THEATRE or TECHNICAL PRODUCTION then these free workshops are for you. Numbers are limited. Call 02 9212 6000 or email info@actt.edu.au to book a place today!

For more information, visit www.actt.edu.au

Aviation at Griffith Uni
Universities: Posted 24-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Bachelor of Aviation/Grad Diploma in Flight Management starts in 2007
For more information, visit www.griffith.edu.au

ANU entry guarantee if you get a UAI of 75+
Universities: Posted 24-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
A UAI of 75 will guarantee you entry into ANU in 2007 into a certain number of degrees. They have similar lists of courses if you get UAIs of 80, 85, 90, 95 or 98 and advise students to use their preferences wisely. See the poster with details of these courses on the Careers Noticeboard.
For more information, visit www.anu.edu.au/psi/guarantee.html

Short TAFE courses in Nov-Dec
TAFE: Posted 24-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Statement of Attainment or Cert I courses will be held in Tamworth and Armidale for 3-4 weeks in these areas: automotive (mechanical and paint/panel), childrens services, carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing, metal fabrication, electrotechnology, commercial cookery and video production. Cost is $158 with courses from 9am to 3pm. Courses are useful for those seeking apprenticeships and will begin on November 20th.

Melbourne School of Fashion courses
Private Colleges: Posted 24-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
A range of certificate, diploma and adv diploma courses begin in March 2007. See me for the list of fashion design and related courses, the student prospectus or ring 03 94174502.
For more information, visit www.melbourneschooloffashion.com

Deferring at QUT
Universities: Posted 24-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
U cannot defer courses which require additional entry requirements eg porfolio, audition, questionnaires etc
For more information, visit deferment.qut.com

QUT Summer School (dancers, singers, actors)
Career Choice: Posted 24-10-06 Deadline - 3-11-06
The Music Theatre Summer School will be held 15-27 January 2007 an for 15-22 year olds. Applications close 3 Nov with auditions on 12 November. Some top artists will be teaching there eg Geoffrey Ashenden, Bille Brown, Chloe Dallimore etc. For application forms ring 07 3138 8006 or visit website
For more information, visit gardenstheatre.qut.com

Scholarships & new courses at QUT
Scholarships: Posted 24-10-06 Deadline - 30-11-06
Closing date for Vice Chancellors scholarships worth $5000 x 4 years is 30 Nov. For this and other scholarships in science, busines, bult env & engineering, visit the site, ring 07 31383181 or see me.New courses include combined degrees with Bachelor of Human Services.
For more information, visit scholarships.qut.com

Brilliant careers in science - QUT
Universities: Posted 24-10-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Queensland University of Technology has a booklet outlining the jobs that science courses can lead to and interviews iwth uni graduates who are doing them. Worth looking at if you want to do something in science but not sure what or what kind of jobs it can lead to.

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