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Beford College - business & child care courses
Private Colleges: Posted 6-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Bedford College in Glebe Sydney offer Certificate and Diploma courses in business & childcare. No UAI needed, get qualifications and enter the workforce with possible university pathways available.
For more information, visit www.bedford.edu.au

ACTT Drama workshops for HSC students
Private Colleges: Posted 6-2-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Actors College of Theatre and Television are holding full and half day workshops in acting, improv and play building. See me for the brochure
For more information, visit www.actt.edu.au

UAC - late round offers
Universities: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you receive a late round offer this week or next week, please email me with the details.

Traineeships in Sydney
Job vacancies: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Some traineeships are available in Childcare at Drummoyne, and Hospitality at Bondi. Both commence in February. For more info contact Daniela Ianni, Job Placement Coordinator, TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute, Phone: 02 9217 4485, Fax: 02 9217 4047

Aust College of Natural Therapy & CSU
Private Colleges: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Naturopathy is based on the holistic approach to health in which the physical, mental and the emotional aspects of the patient are given equal importance. A naturopath treats the patient as a whole and not just their symptoms. Naturopaths work on the principle that acute disease is simply a manifestation of the healing forces efforts to get the body back to normal. The treatments that are used are safe and effective and are also gentle to the body; these could include change in diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine iridology and/or counselling. Courses in Naturopathy are offered fulltime, by flexible delivery and via distance education at ACNT. There is also a degree pathway with Charles Sturt University, graduates of the ACNT Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy course may upgrade to a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) degree through our arrangement with Charles Sturt University. The next fixed programme commences in February 2007, however you may start your studies at any time by flexible delivery or distance education. For more info contact the Student Recruitment Team on (02) 9218 8888.
For more information, visit www.csu.edu.au

Interactive Design &Animation Courses at TAFE
TAFE: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
TAFE NSW Northern Sydney Institute has the right diploma course to get careers in the new media industry off the ground. The Diploma in Information Technology (Software Development) offered through Hornsby College includes interface design, development, testing systems and programming for interactive games. Career choices include web designer, computer animator, multimedia programmer and special effects designer. For more information on this new media course and other courses in new media including Digital Media, Design, Film and Television offered through TAFE NSW Northern Sydney Institute, visit the site or call 131 674.
For more information, visit www.tafestudy.info

UMAT courses in 2007 - Icarus College
Universities: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are looking at studying medicine or certain health courses, you may need to sit the UMAT test. Icarus are one of several organisations aimed at helping you prepare.
For more information, visit www.medical-entrance.com.au

TAFE Enrolments & Tamworth Community College
TAFE: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are intending to apply for courses, please contact the TAFE immediately. Tamworth TAFE's phone number is 67682200 and the College's number is 67664775. There are a lot of courses that will enhance your job prospects in a huge range of career areas.
For more information, visit www.tafensw.edu.au

Want to work on a cattle station in NT or QLD?
Job vacancies: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Jobs are available with the Australian Agricultural Company at some of their 26 stations eg jackeroo, jilleroo, cooks, gardeners etc. Free accomm & meals . Ph 07 33684424
For more information, visit www.aaco.com.au

Acccommodation in Newcastle
Accommodation: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If anyone knows of any accommodation vacancies (eg shared houses etc) in Newcastle, please let me know via email or phone at school on 67610800. There are several students who are after somewhere to live. Anyone who is off to Newcastle this year, please send me an email.

Jobs for Year 12 2006
Job vacancies: Posted 30-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Please contact me about any of these recently advertised jobs: cadet journalist, casual sales assistant (need RSA), apprentice electrical fitter, apprentice kitchen/cabinet maker, receptionist with RSA, fulltime childcare trainee, dental assistant, traineeships with with laminating company, casual on-call production workers with licence, office junior, traineeship with irrigation company (in design, sales or logistics). Please email or ring me at school on 67610800 ASAP.

Plans for 2007
Universities: Posted 22-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Hello everyone from the wilds of Tasmania. I am on holiday and have not seen the uni offers. If you have received an offer, please email me to let me know the details and whether you intend to accept the offer, defer or reject it. On past experience I will be contacted by employers in the first few weeks of February with jobs for students either full time or for students who are deferring. If you already have a job, please let me know. All the best.

Happy New Year - and my current contact details
Career Choice: Posted 2-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Happy New Year to everyone who subscribes to Careers Alert. I know that for many of the Year 12s, your plans for 2007 are falling into place. I know that for some of you, everything is still up in the air waiting to hear about uni offers, TAFE places and job applications. If you need to contact me in the next few weeks for information or advice or to let me know what you are doing, please email me at: sgbarrett@rocketmail.com or contact me at 0419607308 as I am currently unable to access my careers email address through school. If you have sent me an email in the last few days, can you please re-send it the alternative email address if I have not replied to you? There are plenty of courses and jobs out there with something for everyone. Best of luck.

Rural health scholarships for 2007 worth $10K pa
Scholarships: Posted 2-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are interested in applying for any health degree at selected universities in 2007, you might like to apply for the Rural Allied Health Undergraduate Scholarship scheme. Areas include: OT, podiatry,dietetics, physio, speech pathology, medical radiation sciences, audiology, aboriginal health worker, optometry, oesteopathy and some social work courses. Applictions close on Monday 29th January 2007 at 5pm. For details of which courses and how to apply go to the website, ring 1800460440 or email rahus@ruralhealth.org.au

For more information, visit www.sarrah.org.au

Changing preferences - the deadline
Universities: Posted 2-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
The deadline for changing preferences for the Main Round of offers is midnight on Thursday January 4th. Try not to leave it until the last moment. Your should have received a booklet called "You and Your UAI" which included information and advice about changing preferences.

Job vacancies
Job vacancies: Posted 2-1-07 Deadline - No Deadline
Recent jobs in the Leader include: hospitality positions at Outback Jacks and a journalism cadetship with the Northern Daily Leader suited to students who have completed their HSC. These cadetships are rare and is a good opportunity for someone who wants to enter journalism and get hands-on experience and training.

HSC results and UAIs
Universities: Posted 19-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
By now you would have received your HSC results and no doubt many of you are happy while some may be disappointed. Just remember that when you get your UAI, if it higher or lower that you want or need, please contact me or someone at school or at a university or a helpline about your options. YOu can contact me at school, via email or mobile phone. So many options do not need a UAI and there are a lot of alternative routes to reach your goals if these include university. Do not suffer in silence or feel ashamed as there are so many options and you will not be alone if you are disappointed. Your UAI is not YOU. It is a rank only. The school looks forward to hearing from you, sharing your joys and helping you deal with any disappointments.

More Full time jobs
Job vacancies: Posted 18-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Kootingal IGA have contacted me today and have two positions vacant. They are after a male and a female for full time positions (38hr per week) for a year. This would suit students intending deferring university. You would have training and end up with a Cert II in Retail. Anyone who is interested is asked to drop your resume into IGA at Kootingal and will be contacted for an interview.

Job vacancies
Job vacancies: Posted 18-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Saturday's NDL had jobs for a Pharmacy Assistant, jobs with a new business opening in town called Computer Nerds, admin assistant/receptionist with NBN, receptionist with Evans Printing, sales and customer service with Dengates, Survey and Design Officer (good HSC in maths and science, CAD) in Gunnedah, Car salesperson with Woodleys. Let me know how you go.

Short TAFE courses in January
TAFE: Posted 18-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
TAFE are offering courses in Podcasting and Creatiave Use of DIgital Photography. See the ad in the Leader or ring 1800448176 for details and to book.

TAFE Enrolments for 2007
TAFE: Posted 18-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The general enrolment days for TAFE courses will be Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 January between 1pm and 7pm. Monday's Northern Daily Leader (Country Leader p4) has an advertisement saying that some of the high demand courses are still accepting late applications and they have a list of Flexilink courses you can do externally from home without attending TAFE. Ring 1800 448 176 for details or ring me if you cannot get a copy of the paper.
For more information, visit www.newengland.tafe.nsw.edu.au

Good luck Year 12
School Matters: Posted 14-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Good luck everyone in Year 12 for your results next week and congratulations to all the Year 12 students who received awards at the school Awards Night on Wednesday. Keep on checking your emails from me. I know of some health scholarship information that is due to arrive soon and a few job opportunities coming up. Sorry to sound like a nagging mother but we still need textbooks to sell, money to be collected and library books to be returned. Thanks.

Getting your UAI on Wednesday
Universities: Posted 14-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
UAIs released by UAC on UAC's website and InfoLine# from 9am on Wed 20 December 2006. Remember you can change your preferences up until Thursday 4th January depending on your UAI. Please contact me if you have any questions or problems over your options. I will be at school until Thursday afternoon so you can call in or ring the school. If you wish to contact me after school has finished, please email me or ring the mobile phone number listed in the green spiral bound 2006 Careers Booklet I gave to all Year 12s.
For more information, visit www.uac.edu.au

Getting your HSC results - different ways
Universities: Posted 14-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
To access your 2006 HSC Results via Internet students can log onto either: Board of Studies NSW website or www.hscresults.nsw.edu.au, www.hsc-results.nsw.edu.au
You can access your HSC results on these sites from 6.00 am on Tuesday 19 December by typing in your student number and PIN. If you use these sites, there is no cost to you other than the charges applied by your internet service provider and/or the cost of the call. Important: If you use a shared computer in a public place, for example at school or in a library, to access your results, make sure you quit or exit the browser software before leaving. This will remove the possibility of anyone else viewing your results. The Office of the Board of Studies also recommends that you log on to Students Online on the Board of Studies website to check your Assessment Rank Order when it becomes available at 4.00 pm on Wednesday 15 November 2006. Please note: the HSC results service will not be available until 6.00 am 19 December 2006. Access your 2006 HSC Results via Telephone
by calling telephone results service 1902 220 100 You can access your HSC results from 6.00 am on Tuesday 19 December by using the automated telephone service. Call 1902 220 100 and follow the voice prompts. You will be given information about the cost of the call and asked to enter your student number and PIN. To cover costs there is a charge of $1.65 per minute (mobiles and payphones will cost more). A call usually lasts two to three minutes. You should have a list of your 2006 HSC courses, with spaces for you to record your examination mark, your assessment mark, your HSC mark and your performance band for each course. This will help you record your results. The Telephone Results Service closes on Friday 29 December.
Access your 2006 HSC Results via SMS: If you want to receive your HSC results automatically by SMS you can pre-register for the SMS service by text-messaging your student number and PIN to 1977 2346. A return text message will confirm that you have registered for the service. The SMS results message will be sent to your mobile phone at approximately 6.00 am on Tuesday 19 December, but there may be a delay in receiving it, depending on the traffic on your provider network. Only one mobile telephone per student can be on the register for the release of HSC results via SMS message. If you register more than one phone number, only the last registered will receive your results message. You should check that your phone is in credit, that you have Premium rate access on your phone, and that there is room for messages in your phone's inbox. If the text memory is full, the handset may reject the SMS. The SMS service charge is a flat fee of $1.10. If you do not pre-register, you can still get your results by SMS by messaging your student number and PIN to the service after 6.00 am on Tuesday 19 December.

If you have any technical or access inquiries about the SMS Results Service call 1800 785 327 weekdays between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm until midday on Friday 29 December 2006. If you experience problems or have pre-registered for the SMS Results Service and wish to modify your mobile telephone number before the release of the results call 02 9367 8001. The SMS Results Service closes on Friday 29 December.

For more information, visit www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/syllabus_hsc/hsc_results_06.html

Current job vacancies
Job vacancies: Posted 13-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Recent advertised jobs include: work in a local gym, trainee chlld care, plumbing apprenticeship, cafe staff, office admin/store person, marketing with Eastmon, hospitality staff for festival, health research interviewer, position with Tamworth Building Supplies, dental assistant.

Scholarships at Macquarie
Scholarships: Posted 13-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Accounting - actuarial scholarshipships.
For more information, visit www.actuary.mq.edu.au/undergraduate/prizes_and_scholarship

Geology at Macquarie Uni
Universities: Posted 13-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
So many jobs, such high pay but so few students. First year graduates are earning $80,000 first year out. See the details of courses and career prospects at the website.
For more information, visit www.es.mq.edu.au/geology/index.htm

Macleay College 2007 courses
Private Colleges: Posted 13-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Brochures have arrived with courses in many areas. Please keep them in mind, like other private colleges, if you do not get into university as these colleges do not require a certain UAI. The other advantage is that you will gain qualifications and enter the work force quicker. For a list of courses see the website.

For more information, visit www.macleay.edu.au

Raffle KVB courses.
Private Colleges: Posted 13-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
New courses in 2007 will be in Multimedia design, animation and games design as well as their design courses in fashion, graphic design and interior design plus photography. Ring 99224278. They will also be offering a short course in January (Mon- Frid) on an Introduction to Fashion Design and Illustration. Cost in $350. Ring for details.
For more information, visit www.kvb.edu.au

JMC Academy short courses in January
Private Colleges: Posted 13-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
SHort courses in a range of areas will be run 15-19 January 2007. Courses will include practical demonstrations and hands-on work in areas such as artist and event management, film & TV production, audio engineering, computer music (MIDI) and popular music performance.
For more information, visit www.jmcacademy.edu.au

RSA and RCG Certificates
School Matters: Posted 13-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Certificates for students who have just completed either or both courses have arrived and can be collected from the library at school.

Notre Dame Course Advisory Day
Universities: Posted 13-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus will hold its annual Course Advisory Day on Wednesday 3 January, 2007. At this event, academic and admissions staff will be available to help recent HSC graduates with decisions on course preferences and late university admissions. In addition to the January 3 event, the Student Centre is open during the Christmas-New Year break, so any student who needs course advice, who wants to change preferences or who wants to submit a late application is encouraged to contact Notre Dame directly on (02) 8204 4404 or sydney@nd.edu.au

For more information, visit www.nd.edu.au

Accommodation in Armidale in 2007
Accommodation: Posted 13-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
If anyone is interested in renting a one bedroom flat in north Armidale, please contact Mrs Nolan at McCarthy on 67610868 for details and a contact number.

Australasian College of Natural Therapies & CSU
Private Colleges: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Start with a remedial massage course at ACNT and use it to progress in to the Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedic) course at CSU. Ring ACNT on 92188888 for details or CSU on 63384757. ACNT also offer courses in naturopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, massage and spa therapy, beauty, nurition etc.
For more information, visit www.acnt.edu.au

ICMS at Manly
Private Colleges: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Management courses in property services, event management, retails services, hospitality and international tourism. They offer careers weeks and open days to check them out.
For more information, visit www.icms.edu.au

Australian College of Physical Education ACPE
Private Colleges: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Degree courses in Sports Business and Sports Coaching and Administration are offered. FEE-HELP is available.
For more information, visit www.acpe.edu.au

Australian Maritime College in Tasmania
Universities: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Located in Launceston, it offers courses in Applied Science, Marine and Coastal Conservation etc.
For more information, visit www.amc.edu.au

Private college courses - no UAI needed in 07
Private Colleges: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
If your UAI is not as high as you wanted and uni does not look like an option, please remember private colleges as a good alternative. Many students use the colleges to get qualifications and jobs quickly with the option of using them to get to university later. I have recently received booklets for the following private colleges which offer certificate, diploma, advanced diploma and degree courses: Martin College (business, IT, graphic design), Bedford College (mainly business, childcare,legal, PA, event mgt), Australasian College of Natural Therapies, APM (marketing, PR etc), Blue Mountains Hotel School, Australian Careers Business College (business, real estate, paralegal, accounting, travel & tourism etc), SIBT (linked to Macquarie Uni - great alternativeif you miss the cut-off to Macquarie Uni business courses), Australian College of Physical Education, Australian International Hotel School, ACTT (Actors College of Theatre and Television), Australian Academy of Dramatic Art and International College of Management Sydney at Manly (linked to Macquarie Uni). etc So remember these, and other options, after you get your results in December and when you find out whether you get a uni offer in mid-January. Ring me (the number is somewhere in your green spiral bound careers 2006 booklet) or email me.

Jobs and courses
Private Colleges: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
There is a casual junior office assistant job with a real estate office advertised in last Saturday's NDL which also had details of a 12 course in hairdressing at the Advanced Academy of Hair Dressing. Ph 65840143.

Money can be collected by...
School Matters: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Sales of second hand textbooks have resulted in money sitting in the front office to be collected by (surnames) : Aceti, Armanno, Armstrong, Begley, Blanch, Bourke, Campbell, Chapman, Collins, Deboos, Denton, Donaldson, Eggleston, Frew, Gleeson, Goodridge, Harrison, Hatfield, Hine, Honeyman, Hopkins, Howell, Keith, Kennedy, Kerklaan, Kumfor, Lang, LeBrocq, Lowe, McCarter, McCulloch, Merry, Newman, Perkins, Phipps, Russell, Shaw, Slattery, Sonerson, Sundavaveu, Van Aanhalt, Whale, Williams. If you have a younger brother or sister you can ask them to sign and collect the money on your behalf. If you see any of these people, please tell them to collect their money.

Blue Mountains Hotel School courses
Private Colleges: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
From January 2007, the BMHS degree will become a Bachelor of Business degree quality assured by The University of Queensland. BMHS also announce that they will be offering a 2.5 year culinary extension (Certificate III Commercial Cookery), for students who enroll in the three year Bachelor of Business degree. The course is offered over five semesters: semesters 1, 3 and 5 are residential study semesters and semester 2 and 4 are paid work placements. In the first internship (semester 2) the student will complete a minimum of 800 kitchen hours and earn a wage as a full time employee. An additional 180 hours of practical kitchen work will be undertaken over the length of the course in the BMHS kitchens, totalling over 900 hours of practical work. In semester 4 students will complete their second internship totalling 800 industry hours. Students requesting more information can call Maree Burns Area Manager NSW & ACT on 02 9437 0300 or email mburns@hotelschool.com.au for an information pack.

Australian Catholic University
Universities: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
This year ACU National is developing a dynamic Change of Preference (COP) campaign. A Change of Preference Information Evening will be in North Sydney this will be on Monday December 4 at 5.30pm. In Strathfield this will be on Tuesday December 5 at 5.30pm.

For more information, visit www.acu.edu.au/2007

Young Endeavour
Career Choice: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The Young Endeavour Youth Scheme is a structured training program for young Australians imparting not only the technical skills required to sail but more importantly skills that will enable youth crew to navigate challenges in their adult life such as teamwork, communication, leadership and motivation. Over the course of a 5-11 day voyage, youth crew learn all aspects of sailing a tall ship on the open sea including climbing the 30m mast, setting sails, navigating, keeping watch and taking the helm.Applications to be part of a Young Endeavour voyage can be made online at www.youngendeavour.gov.au. Applicants need to be Australian citizens or permanent residents, aged 16 to 23 on the day of departure of the voyage, able to swim 50 metres and be in good health. No sailing experience is required. Youth Crew members are selected via a random ballot. For further details contact: Amy Osborne, Marketing Manager, Young Endeavour Youth Scheme 1800 020 444, email amy.osborne@defence..gov.au

For more information, visit www.youngendeavour.gov.au

RSA & RCG certificates
School Matters: Posted 5-12-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The RSA & RCG certificates will be posted later this week (approx 7th Dec) so I will send an email when they arrive. I will also mention it on the notices at school for the current Year 11s.

Still want more textbooks
School Matters: Posted 23-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
We have a lot of enquiries for Outcomes 2 and HSC General Maths textbooks. You are guaranteed a quick sale.

What to do with early offers at UNE
Universities: Posted 23-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
If you really want to do the course you have been accepted into at UNE, make it your first preference and leave it that way so you get an Early Round offer. If you are hedging your bets and want to see if you get a UAI that will enable you to do another course, you can make the UNE course your first preference now to get an Early Round offer and then change your preferences from mid December to hopefully get your first choice in the Main Round offers on 17th January. Therefore it is possible to get two offers. You may run the risk of missing out on a course if you get a low UAI and juggle your offers incorrectly. To be sure of your course of action, I suggest you ring the University concerned and/or UAC to check.

University course costs
Universities: Posted 22-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The goverment in its wisdom has chosen now to send out to schools booklets on FEE-HELP and HECS-HELP. These booklets tell you all you need to know if you get into a Commonwealth Supported Place or choose a fee paying course. Please see me if you would like a copy to read through to know the financial implications.

Survey Technician job- deferring or wanting a job?
Job vacancies: Posted 22-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
I have been contacted today about a position for a Survey Technician with a local firm. You would be doing field work using GPS and other equipment, assisting with field surveys and can combine this with study at TAFE or Uni. It would suit someone looking for a fulltime job in Tamworth or someone wanting to do Surveying or Engineering at university but also wanting to defer for a year. Please ring me at school on 67610815 before 2pm on Thursday or email me if you are interested and want the contact details.

Traineeships in Dental Assisting in Sydney
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 20-11-06 Deadline - 8-12-06
HCF is offering a number of exciting opportunities for enthusiastic self-starters eager to develop careers in dental assisting. The traineeship program will be commencing in February 2007 for a period of 18 months. This program provides an excellent opportunity to gain practical work experience while completing the well recognized Certificate III in Dental Assisting. HCF is looking for well presented, customer focused and motivated individuals who have at a minimum completed their school certificate to work in one of their 7 dental centres: CBD, Brookvale, Chatswood, Hurstville, Bondi, Blacktown and Parramatta. For full details of the benefits of working with a market leader, visit the website and to apply for a Traineeship position with HCF, visit . Enquiries: Joanne Newton (02) 9290 0452. Applications close 8 December 2006.
For more information, visit www.hcf.career.com.au

Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Entry 2007
Career Choice: Posted 20-11-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Opportunities exist for Air Force entry into ADFA in January 2007, into the following three specialisations: 1. Airfield Engineering Officer - As an Airfield Engineering Officer you will perform a broad range of engineering and military roles and hold significant responsibility. Using specialist military and technical civil engineering expertise you will be involved in management, delivery, assessment, maintenance, repair, regeneration and operation of the Air Force airfields, roads, buildings and engineering services. 2. Air Traffic Control Officer - RAAF Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a service established to provide safe and expeditious control of military and civil aircraft both in the air and on the movement areas of both military and some civil (or joint user) aerodromes in Australia. Additionally, an Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) could expect to operate from established or temporary (Contingency or Bare Base) airfields in both Australia and overseas. Recent operational overseas experiences include Sinai, Somalia, East Timor, Iraq, Solomon Islands, Banda Aceh (Indonesia) and Khartoum (Sudan). 3. Electronic / Electrical Engineers - Air operations depend on sound technical support. Aerospace Engineers and technical tradespeople provide that support by ensuring the airworthiness, operational readiness, availability, maintainability, reliability and integrity of RAAF technical equipment. Electronic/Electrical Engineers are responsible for airborne power generation and distribution, electronic/electrical control systems, instrument and navigation systems, automatic test equipment, communications, and radar and sonar equipment, heavy ground radar, ground telecommunication equipment and computer networks. Applications Required Now. Candidates must be available to attend testing and assessment during the period Dec 06 / Jan 07, and be prepared to enter ADFA on 24 Jan 07. Normal entry requirements apply. Call 13 19 01, or log onto our web site for details of the entry requirements.

For more information, visit www.defencejobs.gov.au

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