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Interested in drama? Griffin Theatre Company
Career Choice: Posted 15-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Become a Griffin Ambassador: Griffin Ambassadors are a group of 100 students, in Year 11 and 12, who are passionate about theatre and drama, and interested in working in the industry. Spending an entire year with the Griffin Theatre Company, Ambassadors attend special performances and forums, participate in workshops, and have access to the archives and expertise of the company's staff. They learn about new Australian drama and productions, as well as the theatre industry, and how to make a living within it, and are exposed to important contacts and support networks. More information and application forms are available on Griffin's website www.griffintheatre.com.au, or by contacting Fiona Wright at fiona@griffintheatre.com.au or on 9332 1052.

For more information, visit www.griffintheatre.com.au

CSU (communiction & vis/perf arts) in Sydney
Universities: Posted 15-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
The Schools of Communication and Visual and Performing Arts of Charles Sturt University will be holding an Information Day at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum (Target Theatre, 500 Harris Street, Ultimo) on Saturday 26 August 2006 – 10am – 4pm. For further information contact Wendy Murton (02) 63384131 wmerton@csu.edu.au

For more information, visit www.csu.edu.au/faculty/arts/commun/iday.htm

Going to UNSW?
Scholarships: Posted 15-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Please let me know via email or in person if you are very interested in going to UNSW and what you want to study there. There is a scholarship available so it might be worth your while mentioning this to me.
For more information, visit www.unsw.edu.au

UAC talk Thursday 17th Aug at lunchtime
Universities: Posted 15-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
If you have questions about applying by phone or web, about the Supplementary Form A, the difference between fee paying courses, your student number etc etc come the library at 12.45 on Thursday. BRING YOUR UAC BOOK PLEASE.

Uni of Melbourne scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Booklet for 2007 has arrived.

Medicine at Newcastle
Universities: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Application for rural/remote admissions schemes has arrived.

Notre Dame open day
Universities: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be on Sat Aug 26th. Talks on nursing, arts & humanties, commerce, education, law etc
For more information, visit www.sydney.nd.edu.au

Still some GAP places in 2007
School Matters: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Check what is available if you have not applied yet.
For more information, visit www.gapaustralia.org/uapply/uapply.html

EAS forms waiting to be collected
Universities: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
If you wanted one and missed out, see me asap please.

UQ - disadvantaged students & midwifery
Universities: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
New undergraduate midwifery course starts in 2007. Also the UQ Link program for students form socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds is seeking applicants. See me for details. Due 27 Ocotober 2006.
For more information, visit www.uq.edu.au

RTA Rural Engineering Scholarships have arrived
Scholarships: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
See me for application forms. Worth $48,000.

Want a job with the NSW Gov't?
Job vacancies: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
For all jobs (including traineeships etc if you are deferring or permanent positions and also apprenticeships) check this site regularly to see what is available. Start looking now as they are recruiting for 2007. Also go to www.yourcareer.nsw.gov.au
For more information, visit www.jobs.nsw.gov.au

Attn: GAP students
Career Choice: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Contiiki and Jetset travel have tour packages. See me for details.

Uni of Western Sydney
Universities: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Opend Day is 20 August and all faculty booklets have arrived.
For more information, visit www.uws.edu.au

Environmental Planning at Griffith Uni (QLD)
Universities: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Now on the Gold Coast.
For more information, visit www.griffith.edu.au/school/evp/

Australian Business Academy
Private Colleges: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Located in Canberra, Parramatta and Nth Sydney. Open day dates available. Offer courses in accoutning, graphic design, it, sprot management, business administration, HR management, marketing and management, travel & tourism. Don't need a UAI and may be a good stepping stone to work quickly and go to uni later if you want to. See the article on the notice board in the senior study about the advantages of going to a private college and the increasing numbers doing this.
For more information, visit www.ausbusac.edu.au/about.htm

Study guides for sale
School Matters: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
A reminder that second hand study guides in many subjects are available to buy in the library- cheap prices and use them for the Trial HSC and the real thing.

International Bachelor ofScience (Honours)
Universities: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - 20-9-06
New course at Uni of Wollongong. Must apply to UAC, and UOW, provide Trial HSC, have an interview etc. Closing date is 20 SEPT. Brochure and application forms available.
For more information, visit www.uow.edu.au/science

Prepare for Medicine with the B Health Sciences
Universities: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Uni of Wollongon have a new course to prepare students for graduate medical study which will soon be available at Wollongong.You need to apply to UAC and also to UOW , provide a portfolio, have and interview, supply Trial HSC etc. See me for details and application forms. CLOSES 20 SEPT.
For more information, visit www.uow.edu.au/health

Want to be a journalist?
Universities: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - 29-9-06
Enter the Heywire competition for budding journalists and writers. Details and application forms available. Closing date is 1 Sept. Participation and success in this competition would enhance your applications for several university journalism courses. Also University of Wollongong advises they have a new Bachelor of Journalism course - hands-on journalism skills etc. Applications close 29 Sept. You must complete a written submission. application form, sit an entry exam and apply to UAC. You also need to supply your Trial HSC results. See me please.
For more information, visit www.uow.edu.au/crearts

Fitness standards for the Defence Force
Career Choice: Posted 11-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Brochure is available on this

How to become a zookeeper
Career Choice: Posted 8-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Information available

RTA Engineering Scholarships through UTS
Scholarships: Posted 8-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Twenty scholarships for rural students are available - worth $48,000 over 5 years. You will also complete work experience with the RTA in the Nov-Feb period. For more details see me.

Early Entry Schemes & scholarships
Universities: Posted 8-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
If you want to apply to UNE, SCU and/or CSU for Principal's Recommendations and/or scholarships please note that a copy of the forms has been placed in the Senior Study for you to look at so that you know what has to be filled in (and what you need to prepare). After a talk at lunchtime in the PAC on Friday 25th August, I will hand out the forms for these 3 university's early entry schemes and their scholarships. Please mark the date in your diary. All completed forms will be due to me on Tuesday September 12th.

Logging on & applying to UAC - PINs
Universities: Posted 8-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
You cannot log on to UAC until you have received your PIN in the mail. Besides, the UAC site is not yet accepting applications so do not panic. You have until the end of September to make an on-time application.

Extra copies of the EAS booklet & forms
Universities: Posted 7-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
For students who missed out on receiving a copy after last Thursday, I have copies for you. Please see me to collect them.

Lunchtime Q & A/talk on UAC
Universities: Posted 7-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
I am planning to hold a lunchtime session on the UAC book, what you really need to know about applying and answering any questions. No date will suit everyone, but I would like feedback over when is the best time eg one lunchtime next week or after the Trial HSC exam. Please let me know your thoughts by email or when you see me at school. Thank you.

Two guest speakers this week at lunchtimes
TAFE: Posted 7-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
On Wednesday there will be a chance to talk about apprenticeships and traineeships with the Hunter River Lancers and on Thursday, Tamworth TAFE will give a presentation on creative art related courses in the AV Room eg visual arts, digital arts or screen.multimedia, screen, web page design, computer graphics, animation, black & white and digital photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics.

Centrelink follow up details
Universities: Posted 7-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
At the University Information Evening, I said I would provide information for students interested in applying for the Independent Youth Allowance. The basic details are that students would have to earn at least $17,667 in an 18 month period beginning from the day of your last HSC exam to qualify as soon as possible. Make sure you sign out of school on that day as documentation. You will not be eligible until May 2008 so, if you are deferring, you will not be able to receive this allowance for the first few months at university. Please factor this in to your costs. The first step you must take (both students and parents) is to contact Centrelink on 132490 to discuss your individual situation. You can also visit the Centrelink website. On the website there is a rate estimator which may help you. If you go to the Search part of the Centrelink site and type in "rate estimator" you can find it.
For more information, visit www.centrelink.gov.au

Financial Services Careers Week
Career Choice: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Anyone interested in a career in financial services, should visit the Finsia website to register their interest and find out what they offer eg courses in Financial Markets Financial Planning, Mortgage and Banking.

For more information, visit www.finsia.edu.au

St Johns College at Sydney Uni
Accommodation: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Brochure has arrived - college is co-ed. Students and parents are invited to visit on the open day 26 August or by ringing and making an appointment any other time.
For more information, visit www.stjohns.usyd.edu.au

Campion College $36,000 scholarship
Scholarships: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - 30-9-06
An equity scholarship in B Arts course for students who would otherwise be unable to attend uni. Closes 30 Sept

Arts and Social Science at UNSW
Universities: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Faculty booklet has arrived. Why study Social Science? Read and find out.
For more information, visit www.arts.unsw.edu.au

Law at UNSW - info evening
Universities: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - 14-8-06
Students and parents are invited to the evening on Wed 16 AUg 6-8pm. You must register online or by phone on 93851519 to attend by 14 Aug 2006.
For more information, visit www.law.unsw.edu.au

Apprentice Engineer (Mechanical)
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
This full time position is being offered to a current Year 12 student for after the HSC. Do you do maths, IT and physics and have strong computer skills. There will be an expectation of tertiary study during after the apprenticeship. If you want to get into engineering but don't want to head straight to uni next year, this would be worth looking at so see me for the information package I have received from a local employer.
For more information, visit www.andromedaengineering.com

Westrac Apprenticeships - 11/8/06
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - 11-8-06
Information packs have arrived at the school. Applications must be made online and close next Friday. See me for details and if you need help.
For more information, visit www.westrac.cat.com

Cromwell College accomm at UQ
Accommodation: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Brochure has arrived on accommodation at the St Lucia campus of UQ.
For more information, visit www.cromwell.uq.edu.au

Diploma of Event Management at Billy Blue
Private Colleges: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Course has an internship working with Rock Eisteddfod etc and Global Rock Challenge academy. Course starts Feb 2007. You can articulate to university with this course. Check with me for application forms and brochures.

Sydney University Scholarships booklet
Scholarships: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Scholarship application forms available to school leavers have arrived for various academic and faculty scholarships. Closing date is end of Sept but to me Sept 13.
For more information, visit www.usyd.edu.au/scholarships

Uni of Notre Dame applications
Universities: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - 1-9-06
The Undergraduate Admissions Guide and Application Form has arrived. With Notre Dame you must apply directly to the uni and NOT to UAC. They would like you to apply early and guarantee to interview all students who apply by September 1. Closing date is 29 Sept. To arrange a campus tour, ring the uni on 82044406 and ask for Susanna Wills-Johnson. Courses include Arts Commerce, teaching law, nursing, marketing etc
For more information, visit www.sydney.nt.edu.au

Macquarie Uni scholarships & International Studies
Universities: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Open Day is Sept 9th. Info has arrived on sporting scholarships (close 24 Sept) and their B of Internation Studies ( must do a language and must spent one semester an an o/seas university) and can be combined with B Arts, Commerce or Law. Also visit their other website: www.hscandbeyond.com.au
For more information, visit www.mq.edu.au.

Equity Scholarships for 2007
Scholarships: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
If you or your family experience financial hardship which might be a barrier to you going to university you should apply for one of the equity scholarships available. For some you apply to UAC and others to the university directly. Closing date is 29 Sept . The form is long and will require a lot of time and documentation but the if you are successful it will be worth. It is expected that over 2000 scholarships will be offered. Application forms are available from me from next Tuesday lunchtime.
For more information, visit www.uac.edu.au

Apprenticeships & traineeships - school visit
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 3-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
On Wed 9th August, there will be a visit by the Hunter River Lancers to explain the apprenticeships and traineeships they offer in diesel mechanics, clerical, catering and stores/warehousing. There will be armoured vehicles and weapons on display in the area near K Block at lunchtime followed by a talk in K4 at 1pm.
For more information, visit www.defencejobs.gov.au/reserves

Tamworth Tafe - Arts and Media 10th Aug
TAFE: Posted 2-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
There will be a short A/V presentation to interested creative arts students on what Post School courses are offered at TAFE. Arts and Media staff would like to have the opportunity to showcase to you their current courses, up to date facilities and the high standard of teaching qualifications and experience. It is an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in exploring or taking the first step in a creative arts career have by undertaking one of TAFE's 1 or 2 semester creative arts courses - visual arts, digital arts or screen. You can learn basic to intermediate skills through shorter courses in multimedia, screen, web page design, computer graphics, animation, black & white and digital photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. Two guest speakers from TAFE will give a 15 min presentation on Thursday 10th Aug in the AV room at 12.45 and answer any questions

CSU New Clinical Science Course - dentistry & Med
Universities: Posted 2-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
CS advises for Pre-medicine and pre-dentistry: To combat the on-going critical shortage of health practitioners in rural and regional areas, Charles Sturt University (CSU) will next year offer a rural pathway program for students who wish to study medicine and dentistry: the Bachelor of Clinical Science. The Bachelor of Clinical Science has been developed with curriculum specifically designed to meet the expectations of graduate entry dentistry, medicine and other health programs across Australia. However, it is unique in that it provides a specific education pathway from the undergraduate CSU degree into the University of Sydney graduate entry programs for eligible graduates. CSU’s Orange Campus has linked with the University of Sydney (USyd) to develop the program which will allow students to live in a rural environment while completing their undergraduate degree and lead them into graduate entry dentistry (Bachelor of Dentistry) or medicine (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)at USyd. There are a total of 20 committed places (10 medicine and 10 dentistry) for CSU graduates from a rural and regional background who meet USyd entry requirements. A rural and regional background is based on the premise that the student has lived in a country area for at least five years (not necessarily concurrently) which has a population of no more than 100 000 people. On applying for the course through UAC, students will be required to complete additional selection criteria in the form of a questionnaire which may be downloaded from CSU’s website and posted to the Course Coordinator. Graduates who are not successful in gaining a place in graduate health programs through the rural pathway program or based on their individual merit can utilise the content of the degree as the basis for employment in the health or medical research sector or further study. For example: articulation into allied health programs (physiotherapy, speech pathology, nutrition, podiatry, medical radiation science, medical science etc); medical/dental or scientific research; employment in the public health system (epidemiology, health system planning; health screening, health promotion, employment in private clinical and/or hospital technologist positions (renal dialysis, respiratory function measurement, exercise testing, cardiology). I will soon be receiving a comprehensive brochure detailing the Bachelor of Clinical Science, accompanied by a copy of the additional selection criteria questionnaire. For further information please call 1800 334 733, email inquiry@csu.edu.au or visit www.csu.edu.au.

For more information, visit www.csu.edu.au.

Billy BLue & William Blue Scholarships - 1/9/06
Private Colleges: Posted 2-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Billy Blue Colleges' Scholarship Programs - a reminder that
Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts and William Blue School of Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Management scholarship programs are currently open to all Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents currently undertaking their Year 12 studies. Each is valued at approximately $30,000 which covers two years' tuition & equipment fees. For further details or applications form please contact 9955 1122 or see me. Closing date is 1st Sept.
For more information, visit www.billyblue.com.au

TAFE 2007 book & Career Finder
TAFE: Posted 2-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
2007 TAFE NSW Handbook has arrived. You’ll find detailed information in the Handbook on the over 1200 courses available at TAFE NSW in 2007. You’ll also find useful information in the Handbook on services offered at TAFE NSW, as well as TAFE NSW application forms for popular courses requiring application. Applications for Semester One 2007 open Monday 7 August 2006 and close Friday 27 October. Your 2007 Career Finder is a quick, user-friendly reference guide to the over 1200 courses on offer at TAFE NSW, listed by career. Feedback from students has told TAFE that the Career Finder is popular because students can look up career outcomes at a glance, quickly find what courses lead to those career outcomes, then go to the TAFE NSW Handbook or TAFE NSW website for detailed information on the courses they are interested in. You can look up hundreds of career outcomes in their Career Finder, from accountant to animal attendant, architectural technician, aromatherapist, art director or automotive electrician and that’s just a start.
The 2007 Career Finder has arrived together with the TAFE NSW Handbook. See me if you want to look at it. There will a guest speaker from TAFE later this term

For more information, visit www.tafensw.edu.au

Email addresses for applications - advice
Career Choice: Posted 2-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
This is to all Year 12 students who will be putting their email address on applications to universities, college accommodation, scholarships etc. Please consider whether your email address conveys an impression of you that will not detract from your applications eg an application for a $25,000 scholarship from sexybabe@hotmail.com! Some of you may need to consider setting up an email account for all your career related emails - and then remembering to check them regularly.

Campion College
Universities: Posted 2-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Campion College News Flash. Great News for Aspiring Campion Students - Early Acceptance Scheme. On Friday of last week Campion College approved a scheme that will allow Current School Leavers to be accepted on the basis of results obtained prior to sitting the NSW HSC (or interstate equivalent). This scheme could allow offers to be sent out to successful applicants before they sit their final school examinations. Campion has made this available only to students who are studying at a school in an area designated as being disadvantaged in terms of educational outcomes. These are in areas that include Western Sydney and regional and remote areas. Applicants will be assessed on a written statement, an interview, and results in senior high school up to the trial NSW HSC (or equivalent) in Humanities-type subjects, such as English, History and Religious Studies. The normal Campion entry UAI minimum is 70.00 and with this scheme, results in the Humanities-type subjects will be assessed to see if performance in these subjects only equates to that expected of a student with a UAI level of 70.00. Application forms for the Early Acceptance Scheme will be made available shortly and will be able to be downloaded from the Prospective Students site of the Campion web page.

Western Sydney Student Scheme

A separate scheme has also been approved that will allow students from Greater Western Sydney to have five (5) extra points added to their final UAI when applying for the Bachelor of Arts at Campion College.

For more information on the scheme see our website under prospective students or call 02 9896 9300.

Just a quick alert about the Catholic Weekly/Campion College scholarship.

Students wishing to receive a scholarship with Campion should check out the Catholic Weekly this week for details of this new scholarship. For more info, go to http://www.campion.edu.au/futurestudents/scholarships.html

Campion College Open Day – Sunday 27th August 2006

The Open Day will be on Sunday 27th August 2006 – please add this to your calendar. Come along to find out more about the Early Acceptance Scheme, Scholarships available and course information. More information about the day will follow.

For more information, visit www.campion.edu.au

EF High school year overseas
School Matters: Posted 2-8-06 Deadline - No Deadline
Go to school in USA, canada, Germany, France, Britain or Ireland. Details available. Ring 1800 251 866
For more information, visit www.ef.com

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