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Academy of Interactive Entertainment Events
Private Colleges: Posted 25-2-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Industry Experience Days 6th & 20th April
Open Day 21st May
Online Experience Day 26th May

3D animation and programming workshops
Career Choice: Posted 25-2-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Academy of Interactive Entertainment: Work Experience Program- their work experience program runs throughout the year and is open to students in years 10, 11 and 12. Students will get the opportunity to do a range of activities such as 3D animation and programming.

For more information, visit www.aie.edu.au/StudentInformation/workexp

Skills One - a "must see" for potential tradies
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 25-2-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Skills one is a video platform with over 1500 short video stories about getting a trade or skill. Videos are intended for career counselors, parents and students. Check it out by visiting the website:

For more information, visit www.skillsone.com.au/

Difference between a Traineeship & an Apprenticesh
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 25-2-16 Deadline - No Deadline
This Victorian Government website explains the fundamental differences between traineeships and apprenticeships.

For more information, visit www.education.vic.gov.au/training/learners/apprentices/pages/difference.aspx

University of New England: Open Day6th May 2016
Open Days: Posted 25-2-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The open day allows prospective students to see the academic, cultural, sporting and residential aspects of the university. There will be the opportunity to explore degree options, meet lecturers and see entertainment and demonstrations. Watch out for notices later this term to get a place on the bus we will take to UNE leaving at 7am and returning at 3pm.

For more information, visit https://www.une.edu.au/info-for/for-high-schools/open-day-schools

Scholarship opportunities for future teachers
Scholarships: Posted 25-2-16 Deadline - No Deadline
The NSW Department of Education offers presentations via video conference to groups of students interested in teaching. To register your interest please contact: emma.vandermoezel@det.nsw.edu.au.

For more information, visit www.teach.nsw.edu.au

iTravel gap year - list of schools has arrived
Gap year: Posted 25-2-16 Deadline - No Deadline
If you attended the recent talk by Jenny from iTravel and want the list of schools, please send an email to: careers@mccarthy.nsw.edu.au
For more information, visit careers@mccarthy.nsw.edu.au

Inspiring environmental gap year opportunities
Gap year: Posted 25-2-16 Deadline - No Deadline
If you want to find out more about the opportunities that John Tucker from Land Care mentioned at assembly this week, check out this website.
For more information, visit https://inspiredadventures.com.au/

Macleay College in Sydney
Private Colleges: Posted 25-2-16 Deadline - No Deadline
They offer a Diploma/Bachelor of Business Management specialising in Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Advertising and Media – the only Advertising specific degree in Australia and courses in journalism and publishing.
For more information, visit https://macleay.edu.au/

Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 18-2-16 Deadline - No Deadline
This may suit a school leaver from 2015. Please pass this information on to anyone you know who is looking for an apprenticeship. Country Custom Fencing are a local balustrade and fencing business in Tamworth who currently have a Certificate III in Engineering Apprenticeship available. The successful applicant will need a driver’s license. For any further information or to send through resumes and cover letters, they invite the applicants to contact them via email on info@countrycustomfencing.com.au or by phone on 0423 370 026.
For more information, visit info@countrycustomfencing.com.au

Latest advice from UAC - offers released 6pm Wed
UAC: Posted 19-1-16 Deadline - No Deadline
Please open the attachment and make sure your friends and anyone you know who is looking at going to university sees this. Spread the word.
For more information, visit www.uac.edu.au

Information about university offers, deferring etc
UAC: Posted 13-1-16 Deadline - No Deadline
With Main Round offers coming out on Wednesday 20th January, please keep this page and its information handy. Check it out now and come back to it if you need or want to do so next week. Copy and paste this: http://www.gooduniversitiesguide.com.au/Latest-news/Getting-into-university/Uni-offers-and-your-next-steps#.VpXwTfl97IU

For more information, visit www.gooduniversitiesguide.com.au/Latest-news/Getting-into-university/Uni-offers-and-your-next

6 January 2016 deadline is approaching for UAC
UAC: Posted 3-1-16 Deadline - 6-1-16
Change your preferences by midnight on the 6th for Main Round offers. All undergraduate applicants will then be unable to change preferences until 7.30am on 20 January 2016. Please contact universities directly on 4th/5th January to get any last minute advice.
For more information, visit www.uac.edu.au

Breakfast BBQ - from 7am - all year 12 invited
General: Posted 17-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Fruit & yogurt, bacon & egg rolls plus "lucky door" prizes and giveaways. Your teachers are looking forward to catching up with you all. If you want advice, it is available and if you don't want to talk about your ATAR or results then that is fine too. Remind your friends and give them a wakeup call or call in on your way to work. Mrs Balderston knows some of you need to start work at 7.30am or 8am so the BBQ will be up and ready!! See you there Year 12.

IT Traineeship:would suit someone not going to uni
Job vacancies: Posted 17-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
An IT company with several hundred employees and a branch in Tamworth is looking at employing a Year 12 leaver. You need to have a very good knowledge of computers and IT plus good communication skills. This is NOT a gap year job. Please contact me if you want more details on how to apply or see me at the Breakfast BBQ.

ATARS - Happy? Relieved? Disappointed? Shocked?
UAC: Posted 16-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are not happy or devastated with your ATAR, I cannot stress highly enough that there are always ways to achieve your end goal if you ask for advice. Please contact me or ask a parent to contact me at school or via email. I don't have to know your ATAR if you don't wish me to know but can advise you on options depending on what you want to do and where you want to study. The school is not advised of your ATAR so I cannot help you if I don't know that you don't think your ATAR will enable you to do what you want. Also remember that you are more than a number!!!!!

Careers update of uni, tafe and private colleges
General: Posted 16-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Here is stacks of more reading for you with updates on uni matters, deadlines, private colleges, TAFE, ATAR and UAC stuff etc etc
Careers News 16th Dec.docx

UAC: Posted 16-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Here is a massive PDF file that shows you how you can add these to your ATAR to change your selection rank. You really MUST look at this and add these to your ATAR when you get it to make SMART changes to your preferences. See me at the BBQ or at school if you want help with this. This booklet is 105 pages. I have a printout so if the document does not open, please contact me. Bonus HSC points will make a difference to your first ELIGIBLE preference.
bonus points reference update (1).pdf

Early offer- Macquarie Uni re relevent HSC subject
Universities: Posted 16-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Did you know you could get an early offer from Macquarie based on your performance in relevant HSC subject. Please check out the Academic Entry criteria for your preferred course. Your performance in individual HSC subjects could see you getting an early offer into your chosen degree. As long as you meet the criteria and have that course as your first preference in UAC by 2 January, as specified in Section 5.2 Early Offer Rounds in the UAC Guide 2015-2016, you’ll receive an offer from Macquarie on 5 January. Their online tool shows the HSC results required for entry into each degree – take a look. Copy and paste this: http://www.mq.edu.au/study/high-school-students/getting-into-university/entry-schemes-and-pathways/academic-entry-program
For more information, visit www.mq.edu.au/study/high-school-students/getting-into-university/entry-schemes-and-pathways

Counting down to the HSC and ATAR releases
Career Choice: Posted 15-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Best wishes to all Year 12 students as you count down the hours. Here is some good advice to remember: How NOT to choose a course:1)Let others choose for you 2)Be dazzled by dollars 3)Leave it up to your ATAR 4)Be a study snob 5)Get a campus crush 6)Be short-sighted 7)Ignore the fine print. Remember if you are very disappointed, please ask for help and advice on your options. There are always pathways and options that may be not visible to you but ones that I know about.

Nursing School 411
Career Choice: Posted 14-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
This is a free A-Z guide on exploring nursing as a career.
For more information, visit www.NursingSchool411.com

Careers in tourism and hospitality
Career Choice: Posted 14-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Worth looking at this site if this area interests you.
For more information, visit discoveryourcareer.com.au/

Year 12 Breakfast BBQ Friday 18th Dec from 7am
HSC: Posted 14-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Make sure you can come along. Catch up with your mates and teachers. If you work on Friday, pop in for a quick breakfast and catch-up before heading to work. Lucky prizes and gifts galore to be given away. Mrs Baldo has organised Juice, tea, coffee,yogurt & fruit plus there will be bacon and eggs all cooked by your teachers for you. Last chance to catch up and see everyone before your 10 year reunion!! See you there.

ATAR access instructions and advice
UAC: Posted 14-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Did you receive this from UAC? Please open the attached file for details.
For more information, visit www.uac.edu.au

Getting a Tax File Number
Career Choice: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Apply online at: http://tv.ato.gov.au/ato-tv/media?v=bd1bdiubkctq5u

For more information, visit tv.ato.gov.au/ato-tv/media?v=bd1bdiubkctq5u

Career Choice: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
The Space Audition for 2016 Cert IV or Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance). Applications close 15 January . Late Audition in Melbourne . 17 December. 6pm or audition via video footage. Contact Rachael Vautier. 03 9529 3949 or email to rachael@thespace.com.au

For more information, visit www.thespace.com.au/fulltime

What’s Uni Like
Universities: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
What’s Uni Like Website

For more information, visit www.whats-uni-like.edu.au

Bridging courses
Universities: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
University Bridging Courses
Provided to assist students with the foundation HSC knowledge assumed to cope with University level work.
Australian National University: http://www.anu.edu.au/study/apply/preparatory-bridging-courses
Macquarie University: https://web.science.mq.edu.au/bridging-courses/
South Cross University: http://www.uts.edu.au/future-students/science/essential-information/bridging-courses
University of New England: http://www.une.edu.au/study/study-options/landing/foundation-units
University of New South Wales: http://www.science.unsw.edu.au/future-students/bridging-courses
University of Newcastle: https://www.newcastle.edu.au/future-students/uonprep-bridging-courses/about-uonprep-bridging-courses
University of Sydney: http://sydney.edu.au/science/fstudent/undergrad/entry/bridging.shtml
UTS Science Bridging Course 8 February to 4 March http://www.uts.edu.au/future-students/science/essential-information/bridging-courses
University of Wollongong: http://www.uow.edu.au/student/enrolment/UOW008203.html

Career Finder App - worth a look if you are unsur
Career Choice: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
University of Canberra Career Finder App will help any student unsure of a career by matching your interests to courses. Includes destination and course plans.

For more information, visit www.canberra.edu.au/future-students/career-finder-app

Career Harvest
Career Choice: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
This website showcases the career opportunities and pathways available in the food & fibre industries. There is also information about internships and scholarships.

For more information, visit www.careerharvest.com.au

Basair Aviation College: Information Session
Career Choice: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Tue 12th January, 7.00pm – 8.30pm, Bankstown Airport, 628/23-25 Airport Avenue, Bankstown. Basair Aviation College is the largest flying school in Australia. Learn about the courses they have to offer by attending a career information seminar.

For more information, visit www.basair.com.au/events-form

Australian College of Make-Up and Special Effects
Career Choice: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
ACMUSE offers courses in Certificate IV in Make-Up and Diploma of Specialist Make-Up Services as well as a range of shorter courses. These include both accredited and non-accredited courses. Intakes are in December and February.

For more information, visit www.makeupcollege.com.au/domestic/

2016 NSW Skills List Release
Job vacancies: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
New additions to the Skills List for qualifications that are eligible for government subsidy under the Smart and Skilled program have been added for 2016.

For more information, visit www.training.nsw.gov.au/smartandskilled/nsw_skills_list.html

UTS Science Bridging Courses
Universities: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Mon 8th February – Fri 4th March 2016.UTS offers bridging courses for students both attending UTS and other universities, who feel their knowledge does not meet the assumed knowledge requirements for their degree. These courses are designed to bridge the gap between students’ high school knowledge and university studies, and serve as introductory information on subjects.

For more information, visit www.uts.edu.au/future-students/science/essential-information/bridging-courses

U Syd scholarships
Scholarships: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
University of Sydney Equity ScholarshipsScholarship applications close: Tue 5th January 2016. The University of Sydney offers Equity Scholarships for students commencing in 2016. These are applied for via UAC’s website. Scholarships include University of Sydney Bridging Course Scholarships, Burton Educational Trust Scholarship, Rural Sustainability Scholarships, Environmental Sustainability Scholarships, The William John and Lizzie May Sinclair Scholarship, Roy Frederick Turner AM Scholarship, Graham Daniels Scholarship in Engineering and Information Technologies, Peter Giles Memorial Scholarship in Pharmacy, and Commonwealth Indigenous Scholarships.

For more information, visit sydney.edu.au/scholarships/prospective/equity.shtml

UNSW On-campus Accommodation:
Accommodation: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Online Videos and Website. Hear from alumni and students firsthand how living on campus is a home away from home. Applications for 2016 are now open.

For more information, visit rc.unsw.edu.au/

Macquarie Uni Info Day Wednesday 6 January a
Universities: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
From MQ: join 9400 students who have passed through our Professional and Community Engagement program – gaining vital work experience with a corporate placement, or perhaps volunteering to help a local or international community, benefit from the three ways the Global Leadership Program teaches world-class leadership skills paired with international experiences and earn your share of the $2.5 million in scholarships awarded by Macquarie each year to attend one of our 150 partner universities – across 40 countries – overseas on student exchange. And if you’re wondering how to manage the UAC application process, preference rounds and enrolment – we can help with that too.
For more information, visit www.mq.edu.au

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management Scho
Private Colleges: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
BMIHMS has been launching the careers of thousands of hospitality management graduates in one of the fastest growing industries in the world. What was started in 1991 is now recognised by the industry as the Number one hotel management school in Australia and Asia-Pacific. For students interested in a career in hotel management and hospitality, please see me for details and more information.
For more information, visit www.bluemountains.edu.au

Notre Dame Uni Course Info Day
Universities: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Course Info Day – Tuesday 5 January 2016. Course Info Day provides an opportunity for your students to explore degree options before UAC preferences close. As Notre Dame is a direct application university, students coming to Course Info Day can complete the entire application to enrolment process on the day.Course Info Day will include course information sessions, general information about the University and BBQ. Students can register online or come along on the day.
For more information, visit www.nd.edu.au/events/sydney

Virtual tour of ADFA
Career Choice: Posted 9-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) develops and educates the future leaders of the Navy, Army and Air Force. You can see exactly what could be in store for your students with the new ADFA virtual tour. In this immersive experience, you get to see where midshipmen and officer cadets live, study, train and play.

For more information, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWI74RY9IlA

Non-uni options for study. No ATAR needed
Private Colleges: Posted 8-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Design at Ultimo Campus- Billy Blue College of Design & Business and Hospitality at The Rocks Campus. APM College of Business and Communication, William Blue College of Hospitality Management, Health and Beauty at Pyrmont Campus, Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Australian National College of Beauty. All colleges are hosting Open Day on Saturday 16 January 2016, from 10am-2:00pm. Registrations are open on all college websites.
For more information, visit www.think.edu.au

Information on receiving your HSC results 16 Dec
HSC: Posted 8-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Please read details on the release of HSC results
HSC results released Wednesday 16 December.docx

TAFE New England in Tamworth - courses for leavers
TAFE: Posted 3-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
TNE are offering School Leavers skill set courses for eligible students before 31 December 2015 in Construction, Automotive, Engineering, Agriculture, Electrotechnology and Plumbing. This is for students that are leaving school and might be interested in these courses. For additional information please call 1800 148 176.

Share flat in Wollongong next year - $150 a week
Accommodation: Posted 2-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
If you are interested in accommodation in Wollongong next year, please contact me ASAP. It is near a free bus stop or a 20 minute walk to the uni.

University Bridging Courses
Universities: Posted 2-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Many universities offer bridging courses in a range of areas. These courses are designed to provide students with the necessary information to study certain courses and replace pre-requisites for certain courses. For example, bridging courses can be offered in science so that students can undertake a science degree without having studied science at high school. These courses are generally run in the lead up to first semester admissions. For more information, check your desired course & university to see if bridging courses are available. I have a list of 7 universities who offer these. Remember that these are a backup to not having done these subjects at HSC and are not an alternative to two years of study at HSC level.

The Horizon $5000 Scholarship close Fri 19th Feb20
Scholarships: Posted 2-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Designed to support the next generation of agricultural leaders, the Horizon Scholarship is for young people who are passionate about agriculture, have an interest in the future of the industry, and are entering their first year of university studying an agriculture-related degree. Scholarship recipients will be selected based on their commitment to a career in agriculture, as well as their leadership potential and high school academic record. The scholarship offers a $5,000 per year bursary, mentoring partnerships, professional development workshops, annual industry work placements, and opportunities to network and gain further knowledge at industry events.

For more information, visit www.rirdc.gov.au/research-programs/rural-people-issues/horizon-scholarship

Business traineeship in Tamworth
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 2-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Advertised on Indeed: copy and paste this link:

Gap year: Posted 2-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Find work around Australia for temporary summer holidays.

For more information, visit www.downundr.com/

Department of Defence YouthHQ
Career Choice: Posted 2-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
Info on Defence youth programs including ADF Cadets, Young Endeavour, Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Awards, cadetships and scholarships.

For more information, visit defenceyouth.gov.au/

Apprentice Chef
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 2-12-15 Deadline - No Deadline
1st Year Apprentice Chef positions available across NSW. Start your culinary career now. Apply by sending your resume to recruitment@htn.com.au or call 1300 139 108 for more info.

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