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Universities: Posted 26-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Good luck to those students sitting the UMAT test on Wednesday.

New forensic science facility at UWS
Career Choice: Posted 26-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
The opening of a new joint forensic science facility with the NSW Police Force and the University of Western Sydney will make it tougher for criminals to evade arrest and prosecution.
The Joint Facility for Forensic Science Research and Training is a unique million-dollar hub which can create crime scene scenarios in locations as a diverse as a residential home, illegal drug lab, motor vehicle and outdoor area. Based at the UWS Hawkesbury campus, the building is the only purpose-built crime scene facility in Australia and its design draws inspiration from forensic facilities around the world. UWS students and scientists and NSW Police will use the facility for training and researching new forensic techniques.

For more information, visit future.uws.edu.au/ug/forensics

Live Train and Work in Tamworth Expo
Job vacancies: Posted 26-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be ehld at the Town Hall on Tuesday 2nd August. If you are looking for fulltime or gap year employment in town, it would be worth going along to talk to potential employers.

Smart Start 2012 - cost $7. On sale Wed night
Universities: Posted 26-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
A reminder that this book with heaps of info on life after Yr 12 plus listings of 7000 courses you could do will be available to buy at the University Info Evening on Wednesday 27th July. It will be in the PAC from 7pm to 8.30pm

Want to go to uni but unsure of what course?
Career Choice: Posted 26-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
A great booklet has come that will give you ideas if you are thinking of health, business, being creative or hands-on or pursing justice, interested in the environment. Please see me for a copy.

Sydney University Open Day
Universities: Posted 26-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
This will be on Sat 27 August 9.30-4pm. I have booklets of the lecture program so you can plan your day.
For more information, visit sydney.edu.au/open_day

Young People Without Borders Sponsored Gap Year
Gap year: Posted 26-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Placements are available for 17 to 19 year olds on their gap year.The application deadline is Friday 2 September.

For more information, visit www.fya.org.au/initiatives/youngpeoplewithoutborders/

Pilots and Paramedics and Firefighters
Career Choice: Posted 26-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
PATS provide training for these careers. Visit the website for details of what is needed in these careers in each state. Qualifications and entry requirements vary from state to state. Information on Airline Pilot Cadetships and in particular focus on those offered by Cathay Pacific and Jetstar as they are the primary programs Australians year 12 students will be considering is on the website below together with the pro's and con's of each. I also have information on this.
For more information, visit www.pilotaptitude.com/

Uni of Newcastle on Facebook
Universities: Posted 26-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Thinking about studying with the University of Newcastle? Then check out the new Facebook page - UoN Future Students. Like it and you can chat to everyone else who's thinking of studying with them. It'll also keep you up-to-date on all the upcoming events and fun stuff. With all the latest info in your news feed, shaping your future has never been easier.

Bond Uni 2012 Scholarship Applications close soon
Scholarships: Posted 26-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
This week, students will be proofreading their resumes and fine-tuning their applications, as Bond University scholarship applications are closing in only one week and the chance of a lifetime is up for grabs. With more than 300 scholarships to Bond University available this year, students should ensure their applications are submitted by the August 1 deadline. Australia’s largest private, not-for-profit university provides tuition assistance across 12 categories of scholarships ranging from full to partial tuition cover and accommodation assistance. These include full-tuition Vice-Chancellor Scholarships, partial Faculty Deans’ Scholarships, full-fee Indigenous Scholarships and 50 per cent Corporate Scholarships that partner students with a Fortune 500 company. As part of their application, students will be required to provide a copy of their year 11 and midyear 12 schools reports, a summary of achievements and the details of their chosen referee such as their Principal or Vice-Principal. It is important that all references and documents are received by the August 1 deadline. Visit www.bond.edu.au/scholarships for further information on all scholarships available.
For more information, visit www.bond.edu.au/scholarships

Uni Info Night - Wed 27th July
Universities: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Don't forget to be here 7-8.30pm. Students AND parents are strongly advised to attend. This is THE chance to find out what is involved in going to uni in 2012 or 2013 if you are deferring - costs, procedures, dates etc.

Canberra Tertiary Open Day 27th August
Universities: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
For ANU, UC, CIT, ADFA and ACU - all on one day.
For more information, visit www.tertiaryopenday.com

UNSW Built Environment - architecture, design & pl
Universities: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
UNSW 2012 faculty handbook has arrived. Great courses.

Personal trainer? Massage therapist? Naturopath?
Career Choice: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
ACNT offers a new "Day in the LIfe" workshops to find out about a career as a massage therapist, personal trainer or natural therapy practitioner in nutrition and naturopathy. I have flyers on this. To be held on Sydney on Saturday 3rd Sept at Astralian College of Natural Therapies in Surrey Hills Sydney. This is a great way to see what is involved in these careers ie what you do, training and courses needed etc. Cost of the 6 hour workshop is $50. I have application forms with details on them.
For more information, visit www.acnt.edu.au

Uni of QLD - access program
Scholarships: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
For students from lower income families to assist with uni costs and bonus points.
For more information, visit www.uq.edu.au/study/uqlink-entry

Teaching Scholarships- Eng Maths, Sci, Spec Ed
Scholarships: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Worth up to $28,000 over 5 years. Guaranteed job. $3000 when you start teaching. For primary and secondary areas. See website for details. Closing date is 7 Oct 2011. See me for brochures.
For more information, visit www.teach.nsw.edu.au/scholarships

ICMS (Internat College of Mgt Sydney) early entry
Scholarships: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
A great opportunity if you want to study Sports Management Event Management Hospitality Management International Tourism Retail Services Management Property Services Management Bachelor of Business ManagementDouble Degree. ICMS has an early entry scheme and great scholarships. Details are ont he website or see me for the brochures.
For more information, visit www.icms.edu.au

Bayer Environmental Scholarship scheme
Scholarships: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Worth $3000 for Yr 11 students, $5000 for Yr 12 students and $6000 for those already at uni.
For more information, visit www.bayerboost.com.au

Courses in art and design 2011
Career Choice: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Book of all courses at uni, Tafe and private colleges in a huge range of creative aras. See 650 photos of students major works for ideas and inspiration.

Love maths and the outdoors?
Career Choice: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
See the poster on careers insurveying and spatial information. Work with high tech gadgets in an area with staff shortages locally or internationally with large companies or set up your own business.

For more information, visit www.lifewithoutlimits.com

Griffith Uni Gold Coast- pathway for low ATARs
Universities: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
If you want to go to Griffith Uni but don't get the ATAR, the QIBT offers a pathway. Hopefully you won't need this but it is there if, on 15th December you are verfy disappointed with your ATAR.
For more information, visit www.qibt.qld.edu.au

Deakin University in Victoria Open Day
Universities: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
See me for the Open Day booklet
For more information, visit www.deakin.edu.au

JMC Academy's Open Days
Private Colleges: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Brisbane on August 13, Melbourne on August 20, Sydney on September 17. JMC Academy students enjoy entry into creative industry sectors including 3D animation, film and television, digital media, post-production, audio engineering, music management and more.T 1300 410 311 to register.

For more information, visit www.jmcacademy.edu.au/Open-Day-Booking.cfm

Australasian College of Natural Therapies Open Day
Private Colleges: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Workshop Saturday, 13th August Program runs from 10am – 1pm 57 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills (5 minute walk from Central Station) PHONE: 1300 017 267 REGISTER ONLINE
For more information, visit www.acnt.edu.au/events/sydney-openday

Raffles College of Design and Commerce
Career Choice: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Free Creative Design Workshop Registrations Closing. FREE workshop for anyone thinking about a career in fashion design, fashion marketing, games design, graphic design, interior design or photography. 30 July – please register online by 22 July. 99 Mount St, North Sydney Tel: 02 9922 4278

For more information, visit www.raffles.edu.au

Telecommunication Traineeships with Telstra
Apprenticeships/Traineeships: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
With the roll out of the National Broadband Network and other emerging technologies the Telecommunications industry will be in need of many new recruits. Excelior, a national provider of training services, is offering a number of different traineeships across Australia in partnership with Telstra.
For more information, visit careers.telstra.com/Careers/Telstra_trainee.aspx

University of Wollongong Early Entry
Universities: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
University of Wollongong Early Entry gives students the opportunity to receive an offer to UOW before they sit the HSC. More details available next Wednesday night at school.
Early Entry closes 5pm Thursday 1st September.
For more information, visit www.uow.edu/au/future/earlyentry

Open Day at Macquarie Uni
Universities: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Saturday 10 September 2011, 10am – 4pm. Register now to:
1. Receive a free coffee or sausage sizzle on the day 2. Stay informed of event details 3. Receive notification when online planner is available 4. Stay informed of upcoming giveaways

For more information, visit www.openday.mq.edu.au/

UTS lab tours
Universities: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Biological Sciences Lab Tour, Forensics Lab Tour & Nanotechnology and microscopy lab toursWhen: Saturday 27 August; Tours run every hour. 10.00am to 3.30pm, with the last tour departing at 3.30pm. Where: UTS City Campus, Science Info Desk, Building 4, Level 1. Tickets: FREE but limited places. Tickets available at the UTS Science booth from 9am on Sat 27 Aug.http://www.ultimosciencefestival.com/2011/

For more information, visit www.uts.edu.au

Speed Meet a Geek
Career Choice: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Face-to-face with a bunch of research scientists. When: Saturday 27 August: 1pm -3pm Where: ABC Atrium, 700 Harris St, Ultimo Tickets: FREE but booking essential

For more information, visit www.ultimosciencefestival.com/2011/

Scholarships for science and mathematics
Scholarships: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
UTS Science offers a number of scholarships to its future undergraduate students applying to study science and mathematics commencing in 2012. Information about these scholarships is available online. Scholarships Information Sessions will be held on Saturday, 27 August 2011 at 10.00am and 2.30pm in room 2.34, level 2, building 4, UTS City Campus (in conjunction with UTS Open Day).
For more information, visit www.science.uts.edu.au/scholarships/

Improve your HSC mark-HSC prep workshops at UTS
HSC: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
A series of Interactive workshops run by Senior HSC markers will be held at UTS City and Kuring-Gai campuses for Year 12 students. In conjunction with HSC in the Holidays, expert HSC teachers will be running small group workshops proven to improve results in the final examinations. Students will have the opportunity to sit with a Senior HSC marker for a full day to revise all key course content, learn about all the tips and tricks for each exam and receive individual assistance in answering probable HSC questions. Thirteen of the most popular subjects will be offered at both campuses. To learn more, visit the site or call 1300 677 336
For more information, visit www.hscintheholidays.com.au

Actors College of Theatre and Television
Career Choice: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Course Information Session and Free Youth Workshop Date : 31st Jul 2011 Time : 10.30am - 12.30pm Venue : 505 Pitt Street, Sydney, 2000 Target Group : Year 10-12 Students
Cost : FREE Contact : ACTT : info@actt.edu.au
The Actors College of Theatre and Television (ACTT) will be holding a free information session for Year 10-12 Students. Book in online. This session includes a free 2-hr acting workshop taken by leading tutors and this is followed by a Q&A to introduce the college and the courses available, including HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS and COURSES FOR SCHOOL LEAVERS.

For more information, visit actt.edu.au/course/ythdropact

Bond University Open Day - Gold Coast
Universities: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Date : 24th Jul 2011 Time : 10am - 3pm Venue : Bond University Target Group : All Potential students and families
Cost : FREE Contact : Becarra Fletcher : 0419 483 340
Event Description : Bond University Open Day is being held on Campus on the Gold Coast on 24th July. A wonderful opportunity to explore the University campus. For further information contact NSW / ACT Regional Manager, Becarra Fletcher at bfletche@bond.edu.au
For more information, visit www.bond.edu.au

CATC College of Design Open Day
Private Colleges: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Date : 23rd Jul 2011Time : 11.30am to 2pmVenue : Level 4, 1-5 Hickson Road, The Rocks, Contact : Emmanuel : ekornijczuk@think.edu.au or Ph. 1300 61111

For more information, visit www.catc.edu.au

Join the circus!
Career Choice: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CIRCUS ARTS (NICA). National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) invites aspiring circus performers to submit their applications for entry into the 2012 Certificate III, Certificate IV, and Bachelor in Circus Arts. For more information visit the website.Application Deadlines:
Certificate III & IV: Friday 19 August 2011 & Friday 2 September 2011

For more information, visit www.nica.com.au/

Early Entry applications
Universities: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
So far SCU and CSU have explained their different schemes at lunchtime talks this week. There will be representatives from UNE and Wollongong at the Uni Info Night next Wednesday and they will explain about their early entry schemes which are quite different. These may be to get you into your dream course OR as a backup if your ATAR is lower than expected. I will be talking about these on the night. All forms will be given out at lunchtime on Tuesday 16th August with advice and instructions.

UAC 2012 Guide
UAC: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Year 12 students in NSW and the ACT will receive a free copy of the UAC 2012. You will be given yours on Tuesday 16th August, the day AFTER the Trials end.

Universities: Posted 21-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
UAC PIN notification letters will be sent to NSW HSC and ACT Year 12 Certificate students from Wednesday 27 July 2011. Keep your PIN safe, as you’ll need it when you apply. Make copies and put in several locations.

Uni Info Night - Wednesday of Week 2: 27th July
Universities: Posted 12-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
This is for all Year 12 students who are considering going to uni in 2012 or 2013 plus parents. It will go from 7pm to 8.30pm. Representatives from 2 universities will be there to talk and answer questions. THere will be heaps of handouts and giveaways. Topics: application process, deadlines, early entry, accomm, scholarships, deferring etc etc. Students from Years 10 and 11 and their parents are also welcome to attend. So if you have a part time job, make sure you are not working on this night. Let your employer know in advance.

English Advanced - Julius Caesar
HSC: Posted 12-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Mr Hobbs will be discussing Julius Caesar and playing the CDs on Friday 15th July in A4 starting at 9am. You will need to bring a copy of the text. Please pass this message on to other Advanced English students you see or are speaking to before then.

Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme
Scholarships: Posted 12-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
The scholarship provides financial assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are intending to undertake study or are undertaking study in an entry level qualification in an eligible health related discipline at an Australian university or TAFE (Certificate IV and above).
Closing date: Friday 16 September Free call: 1800 688 628
Email: scholarships@rcna.org.au

For more information, visit www.rcna.org.au/scholarships/puggy_hunter

Attn: budding journalists and writers
General: Posted 12-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
2011 Heywire Competition Submit a story about life in Australia outside the major cities. Entries close on Monday 19 September. Entrants must be aged between 16 and 22 on the 1st of February, 2012.
For more information, visit www.abc.net.au/heywire/stories/2011/07/3243394.htm

Charles Sturt University Open day every day
Universities: Posted 12-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Tours are available Monday - Friday in Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Parramatta and Wagga Wagga.
Book your tour online at the website.
For more information, visit www.csu.edu.au/oncampus/campus-life/tour

Raffles Scholarships
Private Colleges: Posted 12-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
8 Scholarships offered for 2012:One full-fee and one half-fee scholarship for Bachelor of Accountancy Bachelor of Commerce Bachelor of Design Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communication). Applications close 30 September 2011

For more information, visit raffles.edu.au/apply-now/4-scholarships/australian-scholarships

Don't know what career suits you?
Career Choice: Posted 12-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Put aside 15 minutes to find out what career may be right for you.
For more information, visit www.skillsroad.com.au/career-choice/career-quiz/

World Education Program (WEP)
Gap year: Posted 12-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
AustraliaInternational student exchange programs. Information Evenings in Victoria, Queensland & NSW: http://wep.org.au/info/information-evenings Sydney: 3 August, 23 August, 26 October from 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Bowlers Club of NSW, 95-99 York Street, Sydney

For more information, visit wep.org.au

NSW Marine Industry Careers Guide
Career Choice: Posted 12-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
The Australian marine industry employs 29,000 people.
See the Careers Guide at the website. Visit the Boat Show in Sydney from 28 July - 1 August. http://www.sydneyboatshow.com.au/
For more information, visit www.bia.org.au/careers.html

International Film School Sydney Future Filmmaker
Career Choice: Posted 12-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Open to Australian residents 17+ years old. Prize: 2 year scholarship of an Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media
Prize value of $44,000. Closing date: 21st October 2011

For more information, visit www.ifss.edu.au/future-filmmaker-comp/

Elite Athlete Friendly University Network
Universities: Posted 12-7-11 Deadline - No Deadline
Established to identify and promote universities who have responded to the specific needs of elite student athletes.

For more information, visit www.ausport.gov.au/participating/career_and_education/university_network/endorsed_universitie

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